An Argumentative Essay On Telecommuting


Describe about the An Argumentative Essay on Telecommuting?



It is a process or arrangement of work through which an employee can work from distant places apart from his own work desk for example working from outside the office or working from home itself. This type of work culture allows greater freedom at work in terms of work location or work hours respectively (Forbes, 2015).

In today’s world there lies a major debate about allowing workers to work from home or to work from their own desks (Vega, 2003). Recent studies depict that 66% employees are more productive those who telecommute. There are both pros and cons of two workplace styles. Telecommuting decreases the level of collaboration between subordinates in a work environment. But there also lies the strength of recent technological up gradation of people working from home as well. Is collaboration one of the major disadvantages to telecommute? Well we can suggest innovative ways by which people can collaborate and interact with workers through brainstorming and cloud applications (, 2015).

It can also be said that Telecommuting is the best way to hire best of employees and allow them to work from anywhere in the world. This would also save high real estate cost (Kaplan, 2014).

Telecommuting is a big challenge that is cropping up along with western culture of work. There will be less rush during office hours and people don’t have fight for parking their cars. Family life will also enhance if both of the spouses are telecommuting (Dziak, 2001).

In conclusion it can be stated that predicting the effects of Telecommuting are not easy because it depends on the level at which it is gaining popularity in that region. However we can say that it is a part of major societal shift and can be compared to the Industrial Revolution (Cherry, 2009).


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