An argument for simple wedding dresses on parramatta road Essay

Congratulations! If you are reading this there is a high chance that you are engaged, if not then that is completely fine too. Engaged or not, the obsession with wedding dresses is all too relatable.. Since childhood, all girls dream of wearing an elaborate affair of delicate lace, soft net, organza, silk and whatever royal thingamabob material one can imagine on our special day. When looking for wedding dresses on Parramatta Road here is a little something to keep in mind. Today however, I am going to present a case for simple, minimalist and rather plain wedding dresses as compared to heavily embellished bridal wear by Zuhair Murad.

Minimalism and good cuts and stitching go a very long way. Take into consideration Meghan Markle’s simple wedding dress by designer Clare Waight Keller artistic director of fashion house Givenchy. Her simple style, no-care hair and a plain boat-neck silk gown made waves with the masses and in the fashion industry. The fall 2019 bridal collection can be seen to have her influence with a wide array of plain boat-necked gowns, no-care hair and bandeaus. For the sake of argument, one can say that her dress was too plain, but little alterations can be made to the simplest of things to give them a completely new life.

The hottest trends in 2019 are predominantly shoulderless dresses. Whether bridal or not, shoulderless dresses are a classic, are here to stay and always look elegant, period. Whether it’s a sweetheart, semi-sweetheart or straight across, these dresses look timeless. Even if it is a plain silk gown without any needlework or embellishment but with any of those necklines and a little flare around the waist, you should be good to go.

If want something fancy, try using soft net and organza that has some embroidery on it on the neckline or the bodice. An illusion neckline will be the perfect setting for an intricately embroidered bodice that goes along the whole length of the arms.

Another thing that can be done to further beautify it is the use of sequins. Matted or shiny, sequins matching the colour of the fabric can be used around the bottom part, thick at the border and slowly fading in towards the waist. The sequins can be randomly strewn about or can be used in flowers of 4 sequins joined together or perhaps a raining effect with a number of sequins out together to give the effect of a sequin shower. If one wants an even simpler one then a plain silk, with a twisted bodice that has a medium flare will be splendid. Another amazing accessory to go with any neckline and any dress, plain or fancy is a belt. Thin affair of a different texture and a little protruding off the fabric belt can enhance any outfit tenfold. It will centre the whole outfit and give a completed look.

When looking for wedding dresses on Parramatta Road keep this little tips and tricks in mind and consider going with a simple, timeless and stylish gown instead of an overdone which will only be extremely expensive.

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