Ammonia gas leakage in this city of goa Essay

There are about 300 houses in the area and the incident is only a few kilometers away from Dabolim Airport.

In Newdelhi Following the overturning of a tanker carrying Ammonia gas to Vasco city linking Vasco city to Panaji, the nearby Chiklim village was evacuated on Friday and at least two women were admitted to the hospital.

The tanker was carrying ammonia gas from the Mormugao Port Trust located in the city of Juarari Industrial Limited, located in the city, but on the way at about three o'clock in the morning, it turned over on the highway and the gas leakage started.

Deputy Collector Mahadev Arondkar told the media, "Immediately the disaster response force was sent to the spot and the police, fire brigade and emergency service personnel have been told to vacate the entire area by awakening people.

" A senior officer of the district administration "Two women had to be admitted to a nearby hospital after complaining of breathing problem"," he said. He said that he was sleeping in his house, which decreases Close to Asthl.

Vasco Police Inspector Nolsko Rapposo told that after getting the information of the gas leak, he has contacted the security officer of the Juhii Industrial Factory.

"A rescue team has been sent to the spot to deal with the situation"," he said. The highway passing through Chiklim village has been closed and traffic has been diverted to other areas.

Police Inspector Nolsko Rapposo, "We have stopped the vehicles using the road. We have also informed the people living in the neighboring areas to vacate the houses and cover their mouth with masks or wet clothes. "There are about 300 houses in the area and some kilometers away from the Dabolim Airport is.

After the gas leak, GNFC stopped the plant indefinitely

Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd (GNFC), Gujarat's leading fertilizer company, said on January 16 that after the incident of gas leak, he stopped the plant in Dahej indefinitely.

GNFC told the stock market, "The gas leak was started suddenly in the TDI-II plant in Dahej on the morning of January 15, 2018. However, being careful in adequate precautions, the management has decided to close the plant indefinitely. "

The company has clarified that there is no loss of life and property.

It says that the plant will remain closed till "evaluation of additional security measures is done to fully analyze the original reasons and to review and take necessary precautions."

It may be mentioned that even in November 2016, the plant was closed.

Due to passenger failure in the chemical reactor, leak of toxic fossil gas was leaked.

The company started its commercial operations again in February last year. Six people were killed in this incident.

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