American History And Culture: Slave Culture Essay


Discuss about the American History and Culture of Slave culture.


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Key Argument: Discussion on the Slave Trade Process in America

The narrative work specifies the journey of the slave that has been portrayed by Alexander Falconbridge. The agricultural process demanded for a large number of workforces. Therefore, the slaves from Africa were offered to serve for this agricultural process. In the middle of 18th century, almost 80,000 Africans crossed the Atlantic Ocean to bind themselves in the service of Americans (, 2016). It was considered as the lucrative business. Americans spent an attractive amount for purchasing the slaves from Africa. The journey of a slave’s life started as the tribute from a weak tribal to a more powerful tribal, who won the war. The local traders usually got kidnapped for serving as the slaves. The Negroes are often hired as the slaves for the white people in America.

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Key Argument: Darker side of the Slave’s Lives

In this description, Frederick Douglass has presented his survival as a slave from the early childhood. He described the condition of a little boy who is away from his mother and never received the motherly love that he deserved like other children of his age. His mother was a slave and died at very young age. Hence, he got the feeling like a death of a stranger. However, when he started growing up, he became the slave as well. Hence, he has illustrated his entire life story by judging from a perspective of a slave (, 2016). He also portrayed his sufferings, which describes the enormous struggle of the slaves in their daily lives.

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Key Argument: Historical Background of the Slave Trades

The description provided in this learning resource has been focusing on the historical background of the slave trade process in America. The slave trade process refers to the trading patterns that were established during the early stage of the middle 17th century (Stuckey, 2013). The article has described that the slave trade was one of the most significant services that had the effective contributions on the country’s economy (, 2016). However, many of the slaves tried to put an end to this ruthless business, which demands the lives of the ordinary people. However, the efforts were overlooked. The slaves’ lives were seemed to be dedicated to the service of others. Hence, it depicted the cruel and ruthless scenario of the poor lives.

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