All about me Essay

Will the UAE’s economy get a real boost, or will it suffer because of the Expo-2020? Approximately 6 years back when Dubai was selected to host the Expo 2020, little did I know that it would impact my life so significantly. Back then, I barely understood what Economics is. Cut forward to 2016, Economics had been introduced into my school curriculum and it is during one of the lectures that the question about the consequences of the Expo struck and stumped me. It further sparked in me a deep rooted curiosity about the working of financial institutions, why currencies fluctuate and how international trade works. I realized that if I wanted the answer to all my questions, I should pursue this very field going forward, as it would also simultaneously help me realize my lifelong dream of pursuing a career in Banking. Economics is a science which helps understand and analyze individuals on the basis of the choices that they make. But to thoroughly understand any science, one needs a language which interprets it, and that language is mathematics. Everything in the world can be engulfed in the 10 digits of mathematics, and playing with these digits is something I really enjoy. Moreover, the satisfaction of solving a complex mathematical question is truly unparalleled. Mathematics, I believe, perfectly complements Economics, for it helps in understanding various economic complexities. Since Modern Economics relies heavily on mathematics, having in depth knowledge of Math would certainly aid my study of Economics in addition to quenching my thirst for mathematical understanding.

I am of the opinion that I learn as much outside of class, as much as I get to learn inside of class. Apart from academia, I look to improve other skills and pursue my interest for economics and world affairs in other spheres apart from formal learning. A few years back, I was fortunate to get the opportunity to represent my school at an MUN conference in Amman, Jordan. That experience has been life changing for me, for not only did I receive ample exposure to world affairs and realize the importance up of speaking up for what is right, but I also witnessed and fell in love with the art of quality debating. Following that conference, over the course of my schooling life, I have worked and have transformed myself into an avid debater and passionate speaker, having gotten the chance to participate in various debates and speech contests. These opportunities have not just molded me into an effective listener and confident speaker but have instilled in me leadership skills, skills which I have been able to further hone, due to the various positions in the Student Council that I’ve had the honor to hold. Additionally, as a member of the Student Economics Association, I have gotten to work and collaborate with like-minded peers, understand their outlook on Economics and organize Economics related events, be it charity sales or interacting with business magnates such as Mr.Mishal Kanoo. All in all, undertaking these activities has enhanced my personality into a rather well rounded one and through all these academic and extracurricular endeavors of mine, I have gained knowledge, drive and resolve which I continue to foster throughout my university life as well.

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