Algorithm Social Issues Essay


1. Summarise your selected social issue to provide context to your colleagues.
2. Explain the implications, as you see them, of your selected social issue.
3. Identify algorithm and computing technologies associated with your selected social issue.
4. Explain why or why not people should be concerned about the implications of your selected social issue.
5. Fully state and justify any choices, assumptions or claims that you make using the suggested resources for this week and/or your own research?


1. Summarized social issues

Design of algorithm for performing an illegal act is one of the most popular social issues from the point of view of computer technology. Design of algorithm for performing illegal act has developed the negative connotation rather than the positive one on the social impact. Design of algorithm for an illegal act is specially design for performing illegal operation in the society such as hacking, stealing of information from other computer. In the environment of computer technology, this is called hacking that is illegal act (Al-Ammal, 2014). Design of algorithm for performing illegal act has more confusing from the point of view of ethical manner.

2. Explanation of implication of selected social issue (hacking)

The social issue that selected for this particular study has several affect on the society. The design of algorithm for an illegal act especially performs for hacking customer information as well as business data from client’s computer. It is also used for accessing information of credit as well as debit card details through an illegal way. For online banking, password can be access through designing of illegal algorithm. Designing of algorithm for performing illegal act is allowed to access the information via email by putting viruses that sends by the hackers in the form of spam mail (Lu?›a?™ et al., 2015).

3. Algorithm and computing technology of hacking

This algorithm helps in defeating the WPS through an intelligent brute. It forcedly attack to the static WPS PIN of the Wi-Fi password. This vulnerability helps in exposing the side channel attack for accessing Wi-Fi protection access. Pre-shared key is used that secured the network. Through guessing the PIN, user can access the internet connection from Wi-Fi protected Access.

4. Explanation of the reason of concerning implication of hacking

People have to be concern about the hacking for their safety and security. The current trends of the hackers is phishing attack (Sicchio, 2014). Through this technology, hackers provides an web page that looks like a professional website but some key is different. Therefore, when the user is used this page and provide information according to the criteria, hacker can access information of the user (Musale, Austin and Stamp, 2014). Therefore, people have to be aware of this kind of hacking in terms of maintaining life safety and security.

5. Justification of selected social issues that assumed

Recently the students of Cornell University got the mail in their individual e-mail boxes that they have to put information because the IT department of the university goes for changing the entire system. They received one link that has to be click and fill up the information according to requirements. The IT department of the University generated this mail. In real, it has been seen that, the account of students are attack through phishing bowl technology.

This example provides proper justification that people have to be much careful and aware about the recent illegal act of the computer technology.

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