Agile Software Development Essay


Analyse the facts for Agile software development.



Scrum Approach

Plan-Based Approach


Good for small to medium system of data

Useful for systems need safety-critical and large security

Planning Allocation

Staff is very few so planning is easy and various approaches permit them to choose the required tasks.

Staff will be provided the tasks and scheduling completed, there is some staff which is working on more than one of the tasks whereas some are sitting ideal.

Cost Estimation

This estimation of cost is very precise and the release of the software was well planned and thus no slippage of schedule

Estimation of cost done at proposal phase but can be changed per milestone as per requirements. The development can be stopped any time by Management team.

Team Cohesion Maintaining

This approach is best in team cohesion as after each iteration team discuss the way forward.

Poor in this tasks as multiple staff is working on multiple tasks.

Project team membership

It has less and workable number and if work is not going to get completed in the scheduled time then they reduce the work scope but will not extend the timeline.

This approach will support the incremental delivery and development as modification can be done increments at stages of development and design.

2: The best way to avoid the issues is that in the team of the development include various users.

Benefit of this is that on the similar issue various perceptions are there, for the user tasks better coverage is there and various reviews on the requirement and finally less of the likelihood for getting the typical user and that is single one.

Drawbacks of this is involvement of lot of cost, it is very difficult to get involved all the users at a time and thus user engagement is typical and finally as there are various user involved thus conflicts between the views of the user are possible. (Taite, 2014)

3: With the introduction of new policy below are the difficulties that may arise:

The advantages that are obtained from method of agile will become less efficient.

Among team members there are communication gap.

The major advantages for error evaluation and detection with the help of this pair programming are going to get lost.

This pair programming is not at all possible with this new policy.

The development of the project get slowed down due to sudden team changes.

The measures which can be used by the organization to avoid the above difficulties are:

Instead of closing all the offices and asking each employee to use the policy of work from home. Gather few employees in one or two office and thus accommodate.

Communication among members of the team should be at regular interval and would improve a lot.

All the project related information should be communicated and shared. (Ian, 2008)

4: Principles are:

Interactions and individual over tools and processes: The assurance of process and formal communication can be avoided by taking individual sills benefit and ensuring that the ability of each would be known by the development team and thus they will more focus on the working software development.

Software working over documentation: Focus would be on development and testing of the software not the time spent on developing, managing and checking the documentation.

Client collaboration over negotiation of contract: Instead of spending lot of time in negotiating, analyzing and developing the requirements the developers of agile told that getting feedback from client is good way at development phase.

Responding to the modification over following the plan: Developers of agile used to argue that modification is very inevitable. If the plans for changed then there are many overhead and plan inflexibility state that work can get discarded.

5: The processes that are specification based and conventional waterfall model is very prolonged and the delivery to the client is the end or complete software long after this was specified originally. Due to the business environment that is fast-moving, it will go to cause the real issues. The final time, by which the developed software is ready to get used, its original motive for the procurement may get modified so much radically that the effectiveness of the software becomes useless and waste. Thus, in particular the systems of the business should mainly focus on the essential of delivery and development of the rapid software with the help of development processes. Thus for any project delivery development team should follow agile method so that there should be rapid software development. (Pearson, 2011)


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