Agile And Waterfall Project Lifecycle Essay


1.Define what a methodology is and the role it serves in Project Management.
2.Choose two methodologies from this list to compare and contrast, analysing the similarities and differences between them both.
3.Finally, identify how your chosen methodologies and processes relate to the Project Life Cycle.


1.The Methodology is an completely categorized combination of justifiably associated methods along with process which shall choose how superlative to design, generate, manage plus carry a project altogether via the continual usage procedure till fruitful result. This is an experimentally established, orderly and restrained method to contract with outspread plan, implementation as well as finish (McConnell, 2010).

The role it serves for the outspread system is to yield into contemplation that controls the entire management procedure via compelling rudimentary management plus serious discerning, although with the assuring accomplishment of events, methods, policies as well as project techniques. Generally, the methodology stretches a basic model to depict every project development done from within as well as outside, the venture supervisor shall understand the things to do for project completion plus end goal to convey plus objectify the effort as per the calendar, costs along with buyer requirements (McConnell, 2010


This methodology tries to stretch profligate, ceaseless transference of project item to the end customer. Although predictable systems, for instance, the Waterfall methodology or any additional conventional events need minor rudiments which are characterized first as well as foremost where the project item resembles what characterized before all else being developed. Since agile is characterized item at the beginning, there is a listing procedure, however for the non-static rudiments, flexibility, stable alteration, along with customary communication method there is special feature in agile methodology. This is greatest regularly applied as a share of project development nevertheless the approach shall likewise be effective in approximately dissimilar sorts of activities also. There are few clients who say that experts should have lighter project forms set up which shall convey project goals in the shortest time periods which shall be accumulated by agile requests (Katcherovski, 2012).

Waterfall methodology

This waterfall is the most recognized methodology for every project , plus it is awfully regular in software project development. There are abundant adaptations of this methodology, nevertheless the primary one merged these uncharacteristic stages during the projects (Tong,2014):

  • Requirement Analysis and Gathering stage
  • Design and prototype building stage
  • Programming stage
  • Integration stage
  • Testing (Alpha and Beta)
  • Implementation
  • Support and Maintenance

3.Agile project lifecycle

The Agile project lifecycle is overwhelmed by the iterative procedure. Every cycle brings about the following bit of the product advancement along with working programming and supporting components, for instance, documentation, accessible for use by clients that is up to the point where last part of the project is finished. This project lifecycle in agile is more reasonable in circumstances where clients along with venture partners are accessible to give practical segments of programming in which adaptability is craved to oblige evolving necessities. The following are four exercises that will help bolster the appropriation of Agile work process (Nazaruk, 2015):

  • Everyday Meetings: These day by day stand-up gatherings to keep up open correspondence, consider project member responsibility, and keep the project lifecycle advancing
  • Demo Live: The live demonstration of project lifecycle's last item to indicate advancement in the agile project.
  • Project Response: Receive criticism from partners as well as clients plus offer it with the whole group before the next project cycle starts
  • Continue Agile - Make changes to your procedure in view of criticism to guarantee every emphasis enhances the last

Waterfall Project Lifecycle

In the waterfall methodology, the project lifecycle is suggested to as a direct following project life cycle demonstration. It is very easy to understand plus exploit components of each project lifecycle, which shall be finished completely before the next phase can be initiated. This type of project progression show is fundamentally employed for the venture which is small in nature plus there isn’t any liabilities. In the direction of every project phase, a review ensues to choose whether the undertaking is on the precise method for completion or to dispose the project. The waterfall model allows the testing, which begins merely afterwards the development is over and benefits of relation with project lifecycle are given below (Dischave, 2012):

  • The project display is basic and straightforward, which is easy to utilize.
  • Each project lifecycle in waterfall has expectations along with an audit procedure.
  • The waterfall model project lifecycle stages are prepared and finished in one turn.


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