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As per the video by David Epstein, contemporary Homo sapiens are considered better athletes than antiquated athletes. The themes discussed are mode of natural selection and updated technology importance for the performance by athletes. This has distinguished the genre of the body type according to the need of the game affecting the psychological and sociocultural well being of the athletes (Akkari, Machin & Tanaka, 2015).

The main theme of this paper is to determine the effect of updated technology and natural selection leading to the enhanced performance by modern athletes.

Part one and two determines the themes and incidents from different sports, explaining the importance of updated technology for better performance. Part three determines the importance of natural selection. Part four undertakes my apprehension on the selected topic.

Theme and Scenarios:

According to the views of David Epstein, human race is relentlessly developing towards perfection and this has been seen well in sports where the desire to excel has set new goals for achievements. Growth and development has lead to better performance by modern athletes than previous ones. This is so because modern people have access to updated technology and steroids that helps them to achieve tougher targets than previously (Iqbal, Aslam & Khan, 2014). Jesse Owens who became the world champion in 100 meters race in 1936 would have been 14 meters far behind, in the 100 meters race of 2013, than Usain Bolt who stood first in it, if ran from the same speed. Furthermore, contemporary college students regularly cover a mile within four minutes due to work pressure, which Roger Bannister in 1954 became the first person to do so. Another example to explain this is of Eddy Merckx who completed 30 miles and 3774 feet in one hour. International Cycling Union conducted the same competition again in the year 2000 with the use of the same equipments and the resultant was the increment of 883 feet in the Eddy Merckx target. This determines that technology has greater impact on the enhanced targets of the athletes in different championships.

Furthermore, steroids play an important role in enhancing the resultants but updated technology is always preferred (Hughey & Goss, 2015). This can be seen by three different developments occurred from the 1956 hundred meters swimming competition. The first development allowed the swimmers to somersault beneath the water to reduce the time lag during the race. The second technological development occurred during the invention of gutters that breach water from coming in way of swimmers. The last development led to the formation of frictionless swimsuits.

Additionally, mode of natural selection has altered the gene pool of the athletes according to the requirements of the player body by the game (Ullen, Hambrick & Mosing, 2016). Shot putter tends to have much developed and elongated upper body than lower one, which are vice versa in case of swimming, football or basketball players.

Distinctive Apprehension:

Conclusively, listening David Epstein I have realized that evolution is an eternal process of growth and development. Our body has also developed from primates by getting rid of all vestigial organs and molding the body structure according to the continual imposition of survival. Our body provides optimal balanced stoicism because of the structure and helps with achieving the ultra-records in sports. Furthermore, I have learned that transformation and alteration are two important factors for growth and development as these factors triggers change in technology, disposition, gene pool and alleles, affecting the performance by altering the psychological and sociocultural well being of athletes.


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