Aftermath of war Essay

The complexity of the human brain, a series of the things unknown. It is true that we have the capability to strategize, for the purpose of survival and victory. Back in the days, when wars are fought, strategies were vital to succeed. One strategy to protect one’s territory was through the usage of land mines, a device placed beneath the ground that when stepped on, explodes. It has been so effective that hundreds of thousands have been used.

Up to this day, when wars are no longer active, there might be thousands of land mines that are yet to be discovered. The aftermath of wars has been tragic. Land mines poses a grave threat for it still cause casualties to adventure seekers and civilians. The number of casualties amount to 15",000 up to 20",000 a year. With that being said, we can say that a lot of people are still unaware on the danger that land mines possess.

Land mines are full of irony. A device designed to help humans is the same device that can cause death. A device that was supposed to help us protect our lives. It is saddening to think that a thousand miles journey begins with a single step, and a single step puts an end to a thousand miles journey. Stepping on a land mine puts our lives in a crucial state in a matter of seconds. Some are lucky enough to survive, but what about those people who do not? Life is not something to gamble around with.

Travelers who choose to hike and explore the hidden gems of a country with no proper guidance and lack of awareness on land mines may lead to a tragedy. A tragedy no one has predicted to happen. We often travel to find peace and to get away from all the problems back home. Stepping on a land mine does that. The only difference is that one is for a short while and one is not.

Children are vulnerable to the dangers land mine pose. Children have playful imaginations, they tend to ponder outside. These children do not know what land mines can do to their lives. The lack of awareness raises the possibility of more people getting killed or maimed. In the naked eye, it would look like a tin can but to people who are aware, it is not.

Raising awareness against land mines can help prevent more lives from being taken away. We have lost a lot of lives during the war and we cannot afford to lose more for nothing. Writing about it would not suffice to create a massive impact on people. Today is the perfect time to act and contribute in raising awareness against land mines. It has been there for decades and so are we, it is not a question of who shall stay longer.

Let us all act in raising awareness as to what land mines can do to our precious lives. Together, we can make a difference.

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