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The European colonization associated with continent of Africa ended up being terrible the African people, and led just how due to their competition become discriminated against for many years in the future. Each nation in Europe desired to be part of the imperialistic competition, which resulted in the decimation of many African countries. You could argue that the Europeans brought with them to Africa such things as roadways, transportation, and communications, but what they destroyed outweighs these ten to at least one.
European abilities, like Britain, France and Germany had been the key imperialist capabilities in Africa throughout the late 1800s. Most of these countries had been in a continuing battle to end up being the strongest, to really have the most riches, and control over high abundances of natural sources of Africa.
Africa is at enough time inhabited by a variety of sets of natives, and just little portions of these teams were big or powerful. This profusion of small and poor tribes made conquering easy for the greater amount of advanced level Europeans, which then resulted in the Europeans overtaking the natural resources, and finally managing much of the land.
This takeover for the land generated many wars fought by the tribes and Europeans, which in turn showed just how the slaughter of tens and thousands of African natives. Numerous tribes had been destroyed completely by these wars, and many more were just weakened and forced to give their land to Europeans. These Europeans then stripped the land of its normal resources, and shipped them back once again to their home nation simply to add more money with their already outstanding treasuries.
Not only did these Europeans cause great destruction towards the Africans of this time, they also shattered the freedom of Africans ahead later. This first imperialism led the way in which for a kind of federal government called Apartheid. The apartheid rule cataloged the folks of Africa according to three racial teams. These teams, in order descending from most powerful to leas

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