Advocacy Letter Essay


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The State Representative,

Teresa Fedor (D., Toledo)

77 South High St.,

10th Floor, Columbus,

Oh 43215-611

Dear State Representative Fedor,

As a member of the student community at the university of Toledo I would like to bring to your notice that the publicity and awareness campaign against the use of heroin has abruptly come to an end. Has the funding allocated for the purpose been frozen? As a resident at the campus, There are several telltale signs that the student community at the campus has heroin addiction problems. This has made it difficult to live and learn at the campus. Earlier there was a constant barrage of information about the consequences of substance abuse in the form of banners, pamphlets, television commercials and internet advertisements. Back then the constant reminders to remain away from substance abuse fell on our ears all the while and I can assure you Ms State Representative, that they were not falling on deaf ears.

I make this request as you and your colleagues finalize the 2016 legislation for spending on prevention programs in healthcare. Allocation of funding for this prevention program is urgently felt by the students of university of Toledo.

Provision of the above funds will be useful in resuming the publicity campaigns at all universities in Ohio state. Heroin is an opioid drug that causes severe addiction among its users. Its effects however, reach way beyond the actual users. There are medical reasons that warrant the fact that every addict should be able to get help to get rid of the habit, these include- HIV, hepatitis, and detrimental effects on the growing fetus if the addict is a pregnant mother. The social consequences of heroin addiction are severe and affect the people around the addict. The addicted person could take to crime, become violent and cause disruptions in the family. The strain on the family's finances causes further damage (drugabuse, 2014).

Part of the grant for the Substance Abuse Prevention Block Treatment Grant will be used to fund States and Territories for their heroin abuse prevention programs. Community based prevention is promoted by The Center of Substance Abuse Treatment and the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.

The fact that heroin use is on the rise shall make this expenditure by the federal government a highly recommended budget allocation. The reports of young people and adolescents wasting their productive lives in substance abuse is a waste of talent and human resource which the USA could use for development. Their personal lives and lives of their families would be on a smooth track if they could be cured of heroin addiction. prevention of substance abuse and treatment of affected individuals can strengthen our society, community and the country.

Long term treatment and management of withdrawal symptoms is expensive and state funding of prevention programs will help us find better ways and treatment modalities for treatment of this serious and damaging addiction that can take away young, vibrant lives if not treated in time.

Yours sincerely,


( 2014)

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