Advertising Research: Surveys And Interview Essay


Discuss about the Advertising Research for Surveys and Interview.


Advertisement research plan

A research team will be made that will comprise of marketing executive and three staffs from the research and development team that will conduct the market research, like surveys and interview. For analyzing the findings two staffs will be kept in the team. Thee time for the advertisement research plan has been kept $20,000. The duration for the activities for the research plan has been kept as six months.

The first activity that will be carried out under this advertising research plan would be conducting a pretest for finding out the effectiveness of the marketing research campaign. The methods that would be used for conducting the pretest would be surveys, interviews and attitude test. The time taken for the pre-tests would be 3 months.

The platform used for the advertisement campaign would be both in print media and the electronic media. Initially the advertising campaign will not be done in television because a lot of cost will be included in organizing a campaign in

In the first month of the advertising research plan the survey will be conducted. For conducting the survey the potential buyers would be approached for taking their opinions. Since it is a very big marketing research the sample size for the survey would be 100. 100 respondents will be surveyed to know their opinions regarding the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. These customers, the respondents for this marketing campaign would be sports professionals, sports enthusiasts and young people who like wearing sports costumes. The respondents will be given communicated. After that, they will be given questionnaires that will be closed ended where the respondents will give their responses.

The second pretest will be conducted in the second month of the period. The second pretest to examine the effectiveness of the advertisement campaign would be an interview of the total 10 respondents. The sample size of the respondents has been taken 10 because this campaign is a very big campaign. In this particular pretest, the interviews of some of the famous local coaches will be conducted to know their views regarding the sports clothes advertising campaign. In this campaign, they will be given questionnaires with open-ended questions, because this will be a detailed interview that will aim at knowing what influences the sports persons and enthusiast towards buying particular sports related goods.

In the third month the third pre test activity will be conducted that will be attitude test of the customers. In the third activity, the advertisers find out the reaction of the audiences. The advertisements will be shown to the audience and the attitude towards the advertisement will be judged. If the attitude of the customers towards that particular campaign is positive it clearly means that the customers like the campaign and it can be launched.

In the fourth month, the analysis of the test results will be done by the use of statistical tools like Chi-square test and Anova test.

In the fifth month after the analysis of the result the advertising campaign will be launched and as per the preferences of the customers and the findings from the pre-test, the campaign will be launched.

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