Adventurous Tourism Services Essay


Discuss about the Intrepid Travel Group which offers adventurous tourism services.



Adventurous tourism is the crucial segment of the tourism industry. Intrepid Travel is engaged in the same industry in order to provide the cheapest adventurous tourism experiences. Thus, it is known as the leader at the small level of adventurous tourism industry. This company was founded in 1988 and it is based in Melbourne, Australia. Initially, Intrepid Travel Group was a part of PEAK Adventure Travel Group and TUI Group. Apart from Intrepid Travel Group, this joint venture also consist various small level adventurous tour operator companies. IN 2015, Intrepid Travel Group separated from this joint venture and from then, it has made their unique position in the adventurous tourism industry.

Under this report, marketing functionalities of the Intrepid Travel Group will be discussed in order to enhance the performance of the organization in the global market. Being on the peak position, various unique and advanced strategies needs to be adopted through which the leading position could be retained

Organizational Objectives

Tourism industry is vast and it has various aspects and adventurous tourism is one of the aspects of the tourism industry which carries huge weightage. This industry’s services and activities are quite expensive and Intrepid Travel Group provides these services and activities at affordable rates. With this objective, organization has made its distinctive brand value in global market and has attained the leading position. Organizational primary objectives are to develop a separate position in the tourism industry at global level, to spread the awareness amongst the public at the international level with regards to company and its activities, maintaining adequate relationships with consumers, etc. (Percy, 2014).

Along with these objectives, organization is also known for contributing towards various social objectives such as protecting human rights, contributing towards animal welfare campaigns, society’s development, etc. (Proctor, 2014). Intrepid Travel is known for serving best, qualitative and exclusive adventurous tourism services at affordable rates. They are also known as the customer centric company as their all services are known for fulfilling the consumers’ requirements and providing them optimum level of satisfaction. In order to develop their exclusive position in the global market in terms of adventurous tourism company, organization has made their vision and mission in the way to satisfy the consumers’ needs and requirements. In order to turn the company’s vision and mission into reality, they have adopted furious strategies for promoting their services and activities across the target market (Morrison, 2013).

Organization’s main products, services, suppliers and customers

Adventure travel is considered as the niche tourism and it involves exploration with certain level of risk. Providing adventurous activities is another risky task as it involves appointment of experts and all the activities are conducted within the expert supervision. Australia and United States are the favourite places for conducting adventurous activities. Intrepid Travel is engaged in this industry only and they have adopted another functionality which states that it is the most responsible tourism company. Apart from these services, they are also concerned towards society. In order to enhance the development of the society, organization has contributed towards animal welfare campaigns, saving human rights, etc. (Lovelock, 2011).

In terms of their core functionality, they provide tour packages for all types of people and on the basis of their needs and recognition, they also modify their services. Apart from this, they also provide various services including accommodation, transportation facilities in order to enhance the performance of the organization. In terms of suppliers, organization has contracted with certain hotels and transportation companies in order to provide unique and advanced services to its travellers (Leonidou, Katsikeas & Morgan, 2013).

Target Audience

Intrepid Travel has conducted market analysis in order to evaluate the most appropriate market for approaching them in order to gain the desired goals and the objectives. In this term, organization has adopted the segmentation strategy which includes different variables for approaching to the most adequate market with relevance to the organizational core functionalities. Segmentation strategy has four variables i.e. demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural (Lefebvre, 2011).

In demographic type of segmentation, audience is divided on the basis of their income, age, etc. Organization is engaged in adventurous tourism industry and they are also known for providing cheap services, thus, they can target their audience on the basis of demographic type of segmentation. While geographic segmentation is another variable which consist the people on the basis of their locality, area, etc. and psychographic and behavioural type of segmentation includes the people who buys or opt the service on the basis of their lifestyle and buying behaviour style, respectively. Hence, Intrepid Travel could use demographic, behavioural and geographic type of segmentation in order to enhance the demand of their organization in the target market (Rosenbloom, 2012). Apart from this organization could also use promotional and advertisement strategies using unique and attractive offers schemes on tour packages for attracting its target audience. These strategies could also be used in order to enhance its effectiveness in the target market through promoting its core values with regards to the travellers. In order to make an effective and efficient position in the international market with regards to the huge adventurous tourism industry, organization could use trending promotional techniques (Kumar & Christodoulopoulou, 2014)

Marketing Mix


Products in the adventurous industry are skydiving, ziplining, bridge climbing, rafting, bungy jumping, etc. All these activities are full of risk but they also provide adequate satisfaction level to its consumers. In order to make these products and services more attractive, organization records the experiences of its travellers and then publicise them over various internet platforms. These are the quite effective platforms in order to spread the awareness amongst the target audience. Apart from this, Intrepid Travel is known for responsible tourism agency and to prove this term to the fullest, management of the organization has provided various measures with regards to security and safety of the travellers. This helps the organization to develop adequate customer relationship throng which the chances of enhancing the demand of the organizational products and the services increase (Sharma & Lambert, 2013). For enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their services, organization has adopted following objectives:

  • All the relevant parties, organizations, suppliers, etc. are properly treated in order to build the effective relationships with them. This helps the organization to maintain the quality of the services and products provided to its travellers (Suet Leng & Badarulzaman, 2014).
  • Local leaders cum experts are appointed by the organization in order to enhance their effectiveness in the perception of their travellers. With this, organization could easily develop its effective image and enhances its travellers’ experiences by providing them appropriate and qualitative services (Kotler, et. al., 2015).

Adventurous tourism is full of risk factors and without any risk, adventurous activities cannot be executed nor can be experienced. Thus, adaptation of adequate factors is necessary through which organization could mitigate the risk factors involved and the safety measures to prevent the travellers if any risk occurs. This also helps the organization to develop their effective position in the competitive adventurous industry as well as in the consumers’ mind-sets. Organization is also known for delivering the qualitative services and they have adopted certain advanced measures for enhancing the services’ effectiveness to enhance its travellers’ experiences. Organization has also adopted certain measures to mitigate the risk factors involved in the adventurous tourism industry. This build a confidence level amongst the travellers and it helps the organization to gain adequate competitive advantage.


Intrepid Travel Group is the leader at the small level adventurous tourism. Thus, they also provide their services and activities at affordable rates through which they can target vast segments of audiences. In order to analyse the audiences’ demands, they have modified their tour packages and other facilities for attracting large areas of audiences. Price is the crucial strategy through which appropriate number of consumers could be attracted as well as it is also essential for evaluating the factors of success (Keller, 2010).

In this scenario, organization has adopted cost-leadership and competition based pricing strategy for gaining the adequate amount of competitive advantage. Apart from this, these strategies are effective enough to raise their product’s effectiveness as well as in acquiring the large network of audience. With these pricing strategies, organization has acquired the leading position in terms of the adventurous travelling company. This helps the consumers to enhance their satisfaction level through attaining exclusive services and activities at affordable rates. Cost-leadership strategy is the primary factor which is effective enough to enhance the opportunities for the organization in terms of attainment of the goals and the objectives of the organization (Hollensen, 2015).


Intrepid Travel Group has made its significance place in the global adventurous tourism industry after getting separate from the PEAK Group and TUI Group in 2015. From then, they have raised their standard and attained the leading position with effective strategies. They use real life experiences of their customers as the primary tool for promotion. This helps the organization to generate curiosity and excitement in the targeted audience through which organization would be able to enhance the demand of their products and services. Apart from this, Intrepid Travel Group also uses certain trending methods of promotion and advertisement. This includes television, newspaper, radio, pamphlets, board hoardings, digital platforms, social media marketing strategies, and the email marketing techniques. With the help of these techniques, organization would easily be able to enhance the demand of their products and services. This will also lead the organization towards attainment of the competitive advantage and their desired goals and the objectives will also be acquired easily and in effective manner (Gordon, 2012).

Organization has also adopted the communication strategies for interacting with its existing as well as targeted audiences and to interact with its employees. This strategy is quite effective through which goals and the desired targets could easily be acquired. Interaction is effective strategy through which organization could easily enhance its capacity to attain its set targets by working as a team (West, Ford & Ibrahim, 2015).


Place is considered as the place of the distribution of the products and the services. Intrepid Travel renders its services in more than 100 countries which have directed them to stand on the leading position in their field. They have set up approximately 24 offices in more than 100 countries to provide adequate services and adventurous tourism experiences to its consumers. In their promotional campaign, organization has also used their operating offices in terms of enhancing the demand of their organization in the target market. Apart from this, organizational most offices are situated at the centralised and famous place which helps them to attain the high demands from its targeted audience and it creates a big impact over its competitors (Freeman, 2010).

Comparison with Rivals

G Adventures, Classic Journeys, Great Beyond Adventures, etc. are certain primary competitors for the Intrepid Travel Group. G Adventures has gained the title of “Tours of a Lifetime” in National Geographic Traveller Magazine. They have chosen the unique method for enhancing the customers’ travelling experience. Classic Journeys is known as the boutique company that offers soft adventures to the small groups in approximately 30 countries. These three companies are known as the rivals for the organization and are included in the small group tour operators (Fleming & Mixon, 2011).


All the companies are rivals for each other and to analyse the most appropriate company’s products and services, customers’ experiences were used as the comparative tool. It was analysed that Intrepid Travel’s services, real life experience, responsible tourism, etc. are certain core values through which they have made their effective position in the adventurous tourism companies with small group tours.


Intrepid Travel is known for providing different and unique types of tour packages. Along with this, they also provide variations in the prices of their packages on the basis of consumers’ demand and requirements. And they also adopted the cost-leadership and competition based pricing strategies in order to acquire the competitive advantage in the global market (Buil, De Chernatony & Mart?nez, 2013).


In terms of promotion, Intrepid Travel has adopted adequate techniques through which they have made their significant place in the industry in a short period of time. Thus, they are capable enough to attract its targeted audience for availing the organizational services. Apart from this, organization is also concerned in relevance with the demands and the requirements of the consumers. This helps them to provide services based on their demand which provides them adequate competitive advantage.


Intrepid Travel has 24 offices across the globe and their tour locations include more than 100 countries. Amongst its competitors, not a single company conduct its operations at this level. This helps them to attain the competitive advantage in comparison with its primary competitors (Bowie, et. al., 2016)


As Intrepid Travel Group is focusing on developing its effective position in the industry as it has the capability to mould its functionalities on the basis of consumers’ requirement. Reviewing this, it has been recommended to the organization that they needs to learn from the large companies. Organization needs to adopt adequate strategies in order to enhance their functionalities for attaining desired goals and the objectives. Organization could use the trending promotional techniques such as board hoardings, sponsoring an important event, etc. This will help them to enhance their brand value as well as the demand for their services will also be enhanced in the target market (Armstrong, et. al., 2015).


From the aforesaid discussion, it can be concluded that Intrepid Travel Group has the ability to set up its image in the global tourism industry. Currently, the company is operating at the small level and it is the leader in its field. In terms of evaluating the effectiveness of the organization and the chances of gaining the global level brand value, its mission, values, objectives, target audience, marketing mix techniques, etc. were discussed under this report. Apart from this, competitive analysis was also conducted with the view to identify the organizational position in the dynamic business environment.


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