Administration For The Sport And Industry Essay


How Do Work Administration for the Sport and Industry?



In the following review article written by Smith & Stewart and published in the year 2010, the topic relevant to the special features in sport has been critically appraised. An overview regarding the issues that comprise sports management has been provided succinctly in the article. The uniqueness of the sports discipline as a separate institution and the dichotomy in its representation because of the presence of both cultural as well as generic business enterprise has been deftly addressed as well. Dual special features connected to the tension created due to winning and profit making in addition to the transformation of the sports arena into a workplace will be further highlighted in the following sections.

Special Feature

The rift between winning and profit making has been argued as a unique feature that exemplifies sports management. In order to meet onto the expectations and demands of the huge fan followers and well wishers associated with the sports, the clubs and authorities seem to emphasize more on the winning of competitive matches rather than earning revenues out of conducting business calculations. Moreover speculations have been made regarding the aversion of the steady and loyal fans in complying with the commercialization efforts to derive profits from sports engagement. A tussle between performance and values attached to tradition will drive the performance if specific business strategies. However the disparities and variations occurring due to participation in diverse sporting events and leagues remain dubious. Indicators of superior performance as profit maximizing body or utility maximizing body have been found to be dependent upon the function of success. Funding has been reckoned as a vital determinant of success in both professional sport like Formula 1 and boxing as well as team sport. Thus this feature attributed to the winning streak and profit earning is indeed unique to its application.

Special Feature

The transformation of the sports arena into a commercial domain characterized by professional commitment through utilization of appropriate resources is another defining feature in sports. Translation of the human as well as material resources into economic equations whereby the issues of efficiency, division of labor, rational work practices and regulation are considered crucial to the emancipation of productivity along with rationalization of the adopted business strategies have been mentioned as prerequisites of effective sports management. The brand building through consideration of fan identity has been accounted responsible for maintaining the competitive market in sports. Thus a dynamic and flexible, adaptive approach has been identified as indispensable tool to make way for effective sports management.


The notion related to the commercialization of sports has been tested through various avenues and through avid applications of the business models and strategies that are normally used in the discourse meant to carry out the revamp and remodeling of the complex and heterogeneous system. Finance, marketing, planning and human resource management are the keys to achieve the desired level of success in sports management through incorporation of valid and feasible business options in addition to governmental and bureaucratic regulation to create a synergy with the traditional values and commercial outcomes (Smith & Stewart, 2010).


Smith, A. C., & Stewart, B. (2010). The special features of sport: A critical revisit. Sport Management Review, 13(1), 1-13.

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