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Discuss about the Accreditation and Certification Standards.



Accreditation and Certification of the information system related to any organization is very important in order to ensure the security measures of the organizational security systems ( 2016). In case of the Australian Government, there are some processes or a step that needs to be followed by the any organization those are interested in expanding their business within Australia ( 2016). In contrast with this aspect, Payment Card Company concerned in the concerned case study should follow some accreditation and certification standards for their approving their information system secured enough. These standards are given as follows:

Certification Standards for the information system of Payment Card Company

A certification process of some information security system is nothing but the implementation and assessment of its effectiveness in the real world or within the organizational context ( 2016).

Control: 1141; Revision: 1; Updated: Apr-15; Applicability: UD, P, C, S, TS; Compliance: must; Authority: AA: This is the control certification framework for certifying the information system of the concerned Payment Card Company according to the case study. According to this framework in Australia, the organization needs to undergo some of the security assessment programs that ensure the secured perspectives of their informant system ( 2016). In addition to this, this process is known as the Audit and this is one [art of the certification process.

Accreditation and Certification within Singapore and Suva

In case of Australian government, the organization needs to follow all of the above mentioned standards and frameworks in order to expand their business process within Australia (ISO 2016). The concerned organization has two call centers at Singapore and Suva but not all of these are considered under the Australian Government standards and frameworks for accreditation and certification of their information system. In consideration with this fact the organization needs to follow or incorporate the International Standard for information security management (ISO 27001) (ISO 2016). These standards are followed by every organizations those are willing to expand their business around the globe. These standards for information security are called as the ISO information security management standards.

Certification and Accreditation to ISO 27001: In accordance with the for accreditation and certification of the informant system of the Payment Card Company, it is very important for the organization to know the standards, rules and regulations followed by ISO (ISO 2016). These standards are same as the other information-security management frameworks and standards. Certification and to ISO 27001 is possible but it is not obligatory. These standards are mainly chosen for experiencing best practices within the organization. in contrast with this as ISO 27001 is an international standard every customers get an assurance of getting a secured results from their choices of products. All of the above mentioned aspects or rules are helpful in analyzing the potential of the ISO standards in consideration with Payment Card Company.

Organization in Australia providing Accreditation and Certification to Information system of Payment Card Company

About the Accreditation and Certification of Information system from Australia, the agency that will be providing this is JAS-ANZ ( 2016). This organization or government agency has the responsibility for taking care of the accreditation and certification of the information systems of any considered organization ( 2016). As the concerned organization “Payment Card Company” is willing to expand their business process within Australia, they need to be certified by this organization.

JAS-ANZ provides the accreditation and certification to the Payment Card Company for the ISO standards that will be helping them to establish their new business within the country as well as the products and services are certified by this agency, which is similar to the ISO certification and accreditation standards and regulations (ISO 2016). These accreditation and certification standards will be providing the following benefits:

  • Highlights the competency and credibility
  • Confirms the impartial and independent nature of the organization
  • Provides the international recognition as well as international certification and accreditation to the organization ( 2016)
  • Ensures the achievement of benchmark for ongoing performance against the relevant international standards
  • Provide the client a high level of satisfaction and assurance of product quality
  • Increase the overall competency as well as competitive advantages of the organization

The Payment Card Company can gain all of the above achievements after they are accredited and certified from the JAS-ANZ ( 2016). The accreditation and certification throughout the market is very target market is very important as the organization needs to earn reputation within the target market then only the customers will get attracted and the organization improve their competitive advantages within their selected target market ( 2016). In contrast with the above mentioned aspects, there are certain aspects that may be incorporated within the system architecture of the organization with the help of these certification and accreditation standards: business innovation, product certification, improvement of environment etc.

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