Accounting Qualification Right Or Wrong Essay


Discuss about the Accounting Qualification Right or Wrong.



CA ANZ is the institutional authority for the aspiring students of finance and accounts to grab the esteemed degree of chartered accountants in Australia and New Zealand who is member of Global Accounting Alliance. Intended students are looking for specialization in different level of accomplishment in the domain of finance and accounts with the level of leadership and supremacy both in practical and theoretical areas (Charteredaccountantsanz, 2017).

CA ANZ can provide different level of services to the aspirant students of this program with the objective of serving different entities in the forms of Big 4 audit firms, the mid tier business entities, SME accounting entities, public sector or government, big corporate and Not for profit ( NFP) organizations. The work environment also allows the participators to serve global entities through the provision of the membership of CA ANZ with Global Accounting Alliance or GAA (Glassdoor, 2015).

Role of an accountant as per CA ANZ

The successful candidates can find themselves in the capacity of top level management position holders in different entities with specialization in different segment of finance and accounting. Present article emphasizes in the role of a successful CA of ANZ to expertise in the domain of insolvency and restructuring of existing business entities. The role of an accountant in this area is to find the companies who can not pay their debts in due time by appropriate amount of money due to shortage of funds. The role of CA is to find out the reasons for such happening with amicable solutions for both the business entities and their creditors through professional dealing followed by ultimate steps of prosecution and recover the amount from the realizable assets of the defaulters (Chong, 2015).

Role of new students aspiring for CA program under CA ANZ have to be thorough about the theoretical learning and its application in the practical field. The role of new chartered accountants’ demands different features of role changing of CA in the industries which are featured through regulation and governance, globalization of economy. They should also keep in mind other requirements of this profession like expectation of clients, industry specialization and shifted value proposition. To ensure these features, the aspirant would be professionals in the field of CA ANZ and have to comply with the basic requirement skills and needs the profession demands for (charteredaccountantsanz, 2016).

Skills and attributes required

Being a successful professional in CA ANZ, the basic skills and attributes required by the professional to meet the expectation of the profession are basic technical skills and ethics of the profession, creativity, leadership, understanding the features of digitalization, proper and specific vision and objective setting with subsequent fixation of strategies to accomplish the objective, emotional and justified intelligence, professional experience, resilience, and genuine desire to perform the duties of the CA for the job assigned for. These skills and attributes make the aspiring candidates successful in their career (Accagloba, 2016).

Being an aspirant chartered accountant under the authority of CA ANZ, I have to match the professional requirement of the profession. This includes well equipped knowledge of both practical and theoretical aspects. Above skill and attributes are necessary with presence of mind to apply them in the field of work for the satisfaction of the employer or client (Industry, 2016).

Area of specialization with strategy

The specific area of specialization of my aspired service to be CA under CA ANZ is insolvency and restructuring. Insolvency happens with business entities due to their inabilities to pay the debt. It may happen for different reasons but the inability to pay dues on the part of the company is to be controlled by us. The steps for this process are started with the financial condition of the company followed by sales of the assets realizable in nature to the creditors with subsequent prosecution of the defaulter. The other alternative is to make strategy by restructuring the debts and operation of the company. This can be done through negotiation between the creditors and the defaulter with specific strategy to ensure that the company would not ruin its business, instead revive with restructuring process.


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