Accounting Information System Conversion Methods Essay


Describe about the Accounting Information System Conversion Methods?



When there is a work for organization which is small then in a month there are very few transactions happened which are basic —invoices, deposits and withdrawals just for example—the request like Excel of Microsoft will not be sufficient. Fact be told, Excel is hazardous as a tool of accounting, as there will be no built-in defend to remain us from removing the transaction or by accident duplicating the line in the report.

Formerly we’ve determined we require a system of accounting, it’s time to evaluate the planned conversion arrangement choices. There will be couples of method to eliminate old system and execute system which is new without impacting present activities of financial. Few of them are listed below:

1. Execute the System which is New Parallel to Old

Executing parallel knows that we maintain to use the system which is old whereas using the system which is new at same time. These permit to educate employees on system which is new and to secure any issues with program which is new. The major drawbacks to this method is that information can have to be come into into every system independently, particularly if it is essential to create alter to the arrangement of the databases, like switching from the account number of three-digit to the account number of four-digit.

2. Stage in System which is New

We might choose to execute the adaptation in stages. Just for example, we might exchange the department of payable accounts to first. After which we will be pleased that system which is new is operational properly, we might then exchange inventory, receivable accounts and common ledger which will function regularly. The main disadvantages to staging in system which is new is the final translation which might take some more time, and we will probably require to execute the modules which are selected or locations which are parallel at that time.

3. Utilize One Site as the Pilot Site

If we have additional one location, we might decide the site to proceed as the location which is pilot. Just for example, we location of pilot might require 3 decimal places in the module of accounting cost, but an additional location might require 5. 1 location might be capable to acquire by product classes which are 12, but an additional one might require at least 20.

4. Changeover which is Direct

We might be capable enough to download the files from the system which is old straight to new in what is known as changeover which is direct. After evaluating files to ensure that they will relocate properly, we stop getting the system which is old and all the employees start getting the system which is new. This technique naturally works greatest if there is a change which is negligible, such the exchange to the programs that is almost indistinguishable but permit to acquire the numeral of a license which we require or that insert the module which is new, like the function of perpetual inventory.

The Method: Run System which is New Parallel to Old

This is an admired technique this is because it is comparatively at low risk. The thought is to execute the system which is old beside the system which is new for whilst. With this method, the outcomes or performance of every system can be evaluated to ensure that the system which is new is presenting as predictable. If the issue is serious is establish, then the firm can just bear on using the system with the existing one unless the fix has put at place.


The adoption process which is parallel cannot be representing lacking paying concentration to the steps previous to the definite exchange, specifically the building of the adaptation situation and the classification and testing of all the necessities. The actions are separated in 4 main stages:

Describe strategy of execution, which contracts with the sort of execution of approach should be implemented.

The Pre-implementation, which will be done with building the preparation of all features and necessities occupied in the execution. At this stage we will pursue on steps below:

Describe strategy of execution

Generate execution of master script

Build planning of Time

Describe requirements of Organizational

Describe requirements of IT

Organize organizationThe firm should be organized correctly as per the last stage.
Conversioncontracts with the definite conversion procedure and will closing the adaptation procedure; happening with system which is new.



Create catch ups

The edition process is occurrence, a amount of actions execute parallel. At this phase, catch ups are organism made which is using system which is old.

Control the system

The scheme is being prohibited all times by control system.

Execute important system which is old

The system which is old is important; dealing out the real data.

Execute system which is new

The system which is new is executing in parallel with system which is old and is intimately observed.

Interpret catch ups in system which is new

If criterions are met, catch ups are interpreted and move in system which is new and the adaptation procedure appears in next phase.

Perform strategy of rollback / workaround

If criterions are not met, the approach of workaround or approach of rollback is executed, depending on character of errors.

Create catch ups

Catch ups will be completed for security reasons, still when the system is new is important.

Execute system which is old

The system which is old executes as the backup, for security reasons

Run leading new system

The new system is leading and in full operation.

Below are the benefits...

If something will go wrong with system which is new, then system which is old will proceed as back-up.

The outcomes from systems which are new and old can be evaluated to confirm if the system which is new is executing properly.

Below are its some drawbacks...

Entering information into 2 systems, and executing 2 systems jointly, takes lot of additional effort and time.


With the equivalent changeover the form executes both systems which is either new and old in equivalent for the time. Once the firm is certain that system which is new is running correctly and the staff is prepared to start using it thus will create the result to entirely modify over. At the calm period, possibly at night or at weekend, the information is completely transferred from system which is old which is then shut down.


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