About winning the war Essay

Upon reading the title of the book, O decided to read it. I decided to read it not only because I want to but I really wanna find out more of on how we can fight cancer.

4 years ago, my aunt who live with us died due to breast cancer. I never thought that would happen cause she was a strong person. She was a happy, lovin, and jolly person.

Also, in 2014, I was in 1st year college that time when I was diagnosed with leukemia which is cancer of the blood. I was so weak. My doctor advised me to take a rest and stop studying but that's something I don't wanna do. With the thought that I don't want to stop my studies and I want to still enjoy my life, I encouraged myself to be stronger and that I will be healed. And yes! Few months later, I found out that I was able to fight leukemia. And I was super happy and excited to do my things as a normal person.

I was able to fight leukemia in 2014 but in 2017, I became weak again. I thought I have blood problem again but I went to see my doctor. But the doctor transferred me to a bigger hospital. And there I had, several tests. But they were not able to see anything wrong with the tests they made. And so they asked me to prepare money and prepare myself for different tests. Hearing that, I got weaker. Knowing I no longer have savings, and I can't afford it anymore. I asked the doctor why are we gonna take another test and they answered me that it is possible that I have a colon cancer because of the symtoms I provided. From that day, I stopped going to the hospital. I got depressed having the thought that I'm dying. But I said it can't be, I again encouraged myself to be strong. That I can fight whatever this is. At first, it didn't work. I got weaker and weaker each day, I lose so much weight in a month. But I did not lose hope. I don't wanna die cause I don't wanna leave my mom alone. And I continued the battle. Few months after, I became more alive. Getting better each day.

And so, I decided to read this book.

So, in the first part of the book the author said that if you have the ability to change someone's life, then do it while you can. Do not waste time. That's not her exact sentence but that was what exactly she meant.

Well, upon reading the book, you will see the author's willingness to help people fight against cancer.

As we know, cancer is not a joke. It is one of the most common disease a person could have. It is difficult to cure. It's alarming.

The author did a well-researched on this which made the book more interesting. I loved it cause it's something that really changes a person's life having this informative content.

I'm rating this 4 out of 4 because it is such a good, helpful, and amazing book that everyone should also read.

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