About top 3 reasons, why you should eat strawberries regularly (2019 revised list) Essay

Top 3 reasons, why you SHOULD eat strawberries regularly (2019 revised list)

Best of both world!

There is a common misconception that has been there for as long as our memories run. It is that the fruit which are healthy are almost all the times not the ones that are delicious. This notion has made life hell for people who try to change their lives with food. Be it for losing weight, gaining or controlling food for some other reason.

In this context, strawberry can be a breath of really fresh air if you are going through any of the above mentioned scenarios. Strawberry, as we all are well aware of, tastes delicious. It is famous all around the world for its succulent sweet and sour taste. It is ingredient to most of the cakes and desserts that can be found everywhere.

However, what is yet to be discovered widely by the world is the fact that strawberries nutrition in second to none. Strawberry does pack a figurative punch when it comes to healthy nutrition that it has as a fruit.

What is in it?

Strawberries comprise of a lot of chemical compounds that are beneficial for us a multitude of ways. Let us delve deep into what those are.

In a 100 g of strawberries, you shall receive the following;

· 136 kJ of energy

· 7.68 of carbohydrates

· 0.3 g of fat

· Vitamin B6 C E K

· Folate B9

· Choline

· 16 mg of calcium

· 154 mg of potassium

· 1 mg of sodium

· 90.95 g of water

If you want to check out the full list, please visit the following link. Food composition table of the department of agriculture of United States.

What does it do?

Let us see what all the above nutrients translate into. When it comes to real world, benefits of strawberries nutrition.

1. Strawberries for a healthier heart

Heart issues have become borderline epidemic in the modern world. In this modern world, it has become one of the main reasons and causes for people to die. The fact that, we consume a lot of unhealthy and oily food may be a biggest reasons for that.

However, strawberries can be of great aid against health conditions. The chemical compound called the “berry anthocyanins” has found out to be extremely beneficial for heart cases. This has been proven with the studies that have been conducted. These studies have been conducted in major laboratories all around the world using thousands of participants for these tests.

Furthermore, strawberries have positive effect on HDL (necessary cholesterol), which in turn is good for one’s heart.

2. For controlling blood sugar

When you consume carbohydrates, they turn into glucose particles in order to get absorbed into your bloodstream. However, if you are a diabetic will not be that simple for you

The sudden absorption of glucose will spike blood sugar levels in your blood. This is called high blood sugar for a diabetic. Strawberries are here to help!

Strawberries can slow down the pace in which your body absorb this sugar intake. This happens in a way that the effect of it will be minimum to your body.

3. Strawberry and cancer

Cancer, basically, can be defined as the unwarranted growth of cells in the body. This is one of the major causes of deaths all around the world these days.

Strawberries can be really helpful against this. Because there is a lot of anti-inflammatory material inside strawberries that would fight the oxidative stress. This oxidative stress is one of the major causes for cancerous cells to be born.


It is clear that strawberries nutrition is a remarkable asset to anybody who wants to eat better. But want no compromising on the taste as well. It is hard enough today to even plan to eat healthy, so adding such delicious as well as tasty food to your diet can go a long way.

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