About thinking about dance lessons or classes but not sure of where to begin? Essay

Some people get confused with dance lessons to take because they don’t know where to begin. To help you figure out where to start, we will be comparing your grocery shopping list to dances you should not skip on your dance lesson list.

1. Eggs, Meat, and Milk – The Essentials

People who go shopping frequently are familiar with the location of these items in the store; they are found at the back of the store and are among the key items purchased when people go shopping.

Dance Equivalent

Your dancing revolves around three music tempos (slow, medium and fast); thus, your essential dance trio should include Foxtrot, Rumba, and Swing.

2. Candy

The candy section is the part of the store where you see the most impulse or tension, characterized with long queues and wait periods. The candy section is where you will see people with little will power or empty stomach yield to the temptation of taking something sweet.

Dance Equivalent

This has more to do with your method of approach to your dance lessons and less to do with a specific dance. Most times, people sign up for dance classes at the eleventh hour.

It could be a date, a vacation or a wedding where dance skills are required at the very last minutes.

Unluckily, last minute enrollment for dance lessons can make one miss out on all the fun and effectiveness; it’s just like eating nothing else but candy.

3. Ice Cream

Let’s be true to ourselves, there are different types of goodies you can add to your shopping cart when you are done with regular shopping, the top on the list amongst these goodies is the ice cream. Besides, who wouldn’t want to have a taste of ice cream after walking around the store picking other items you desire.

Dance Equivalent

We are searching for dance moves that are time-honored classics (Dreyer’s Rocky Road) and trendy (Ben and Jerry’s latest flavor). Thus, we need to include the following: Bachata, Salsa and Zouk.

Just like the ice cream, each dance is not only popular but sexy too.

4. Fruits and Vegetables

You get a lot of important nutrients and vitamins from fruit and vegetables, which promotes healthy digestion and improves immunity. In the store, fruits and vegetables are usually located on the far right corner of the store or far left corner of the store.

Dance Equivalent

Waltz and Tango are two dances that are packed with technique (balanced diet) and also offer an instant spillover effect to other dances.

Waltz fosters the development of posture required for all dances, irrespective of the dance style. With Waltz, one can improve their posture naturally, develop incredible balance, and learn some dance moves sooner than expected.

Tango, on the other hand, promotes confidence. The dramatic character and assertive stride of Tango can slowly transform dancers, especially those that are timid or lack confidence.

The unfortunate truth is that Waltz and Tango are at times overlooked or ignored when displayed on the surface (like vegetables), but people who include them in their routine can bear witness of the instant benefits.


When shopping for groceries, you don’t expect your refrigerator and cabinet to refill itself by sitting at home – it won’t work. The same applies to dance; you don’t expect to become a good dancer by sitting at home, procrastinating or skipping dance lessons.

You will only enjoy the benefits when you take action, the earlier you go to the grocery store or dance studio, the better.

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