About the awakening Essay

Midnight walk in my dream alone scared as a to be slaughtered goat, Unfavourable actions from my past hunting me down like ghosts, I feel my feet getting loose on every corner I’m hoping for truce like I’m stepping on solid water, toes bare lacking that cheddar, Faggot ass haters wanna stumble me; guess I’m that shit, I keep it real, biological son inheriting a will, not a big liar, oathed on my pap’s grave to lie and die, fearing but curious to flee like a toddler playing with fire, I swallowed a matchstick hence I’m guttering out blazes, wishing to make a comeback post ma funeral-restart my life, longing to learn if my soul will rest in hell nor just heavenize, generalise lives perhaps I’m gonna donor my mind, planning to get the fuck up on the third day- devil in disguise, look deeply into my eyes, you’ll discover my bottled cries, can’t express I’m impressing my tears for innocent parties, tissues can’t comfort em neither hushes they’re comprising blood, of the globally known and unsung heroes, I’m composing an anthem for whose blood got splattered for freedom, none equivalent to these suckers-difference? Whale enormous- they couldn’t bear seeing me elapsing on the race they passed, and failed dug me a ditch electrified my fucking soul, volts up in my system- e-kinetic straight to my heart, imagine the cries, your mind can’t bear em they’re horrifying, Jeepers creepers niggas I’m arising from ashes to life, aim to slice you verbally, graze and spitting out your limbs, scary-this is no visual but spiritual oppression, I’ll torture you till you can’t breathe, kill you in your fucking sleep, you want a beef I’ll bring and Ox- that’s a fucking hypothesis………………………………………………………………………………..


(Verse 2)Fact! Knowledge is power, intrinsic education is the key, I rose up from the dead-I was fucking asleep in a coffin, concentration stable u’d swear it’s the impact of zombies, Walla! Welcome to the world of undercover terror, where one’s pain is one’s gain, they’re quenching thirst by tears, developing laugher from misery-nasty Generals, I’m doing this for tha kiddies-grown-ups to big titties, preparing the way and shovelling it for the limbless, my eyes are glimmering in the dark like hat full miners, planned eruption I’m a good deeder but they thought minus, posing as a sinus to these suckers they perpetrate us, brainwashing us while our heads are heads are spinning in dryers, I’m caught up in da fiction of rocking skinnies and baggy jeans, listening to rappers conspiracying bout what Hip Hop is, they’re forgetting attire counts none it’s all inside, your soul flowing deeply in the veins I’m raging, against the dying of the light- hailing for progression, you have to watch it in this game when you are about exposing, they’ll pour toxins when you breed intelligently-forsake, can’t hide my face while my nation is on this ice I won’t skate, devil is dominating I wanna pray but end up cursing, the mass hypnosis driving me crazy- predicurement worse, we get by on harsh ways – generation is colour blind, cant diversify between good or bad we’re left to right, left to fight with our inner selves- no conscience, science pulling an argument for every bible verse, somebody wake me up from this nightmare that I’m dreaming I’m so scared it’s like they’re plotting me a death trap…………………………………..END

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