About society Essay

Since beginning of the time, people have lived in communities. Survival of every individual strongly depended on collectivistic input and mutual support. Time flies and society’s lifestyle changed. As of today the vast majority faces no shortage of food or other essential supplies, thereby human beings pursuit satisfaction of personal needs, self-expression and career well-being. Does this mean that serving society and supporting neighbors is no longer purpose of a man's life?

In my personal opinion, Kazakhstani people are the ones who understand serving to society and perceive it as obligatory action due to cultural specifics. Long time ago Kazakhs used to be nomads and a person had zero chance to survive alone in the desert. Young male members of the community were responsible for protection, taking care of cattle through pasturing and nurturing. Meanwhile, elder generation Therefore, local traditions focus on the family values and supporting closest neighbors. Nowadays Kazakhstanis are advanced people who are following the newest trends of the West, and extremely traditional at the same time. This includes females feeling themselves weaker than men, allowing them to take advantage and keeping silence about accidents to avoid unwanted gossips and protection of females’ rights at the same time. It can be stated that Kazakhstan is a unique harmonious combination of a modern westernized mentality and careful attitude to ancient traditions, rare to find anywhere in the world. Indeed, the steppe people have many secret features, which create interest amongst representatives of other nationalities.

One of the brightest examples is tradition that made the youngest brother to stay with parents to help them when they are old and face physical limitation. Back in the 15th century mentioned tradition was rather a unbreakable law than kind recommendation. Elder children were allowed to live separately but the youngest son was obliged to be close to parents till their last breath. This shows how people have been building their lives basing on family needs and self-sacrifices.

Another way of serving community I consider is volunteering. Volunteering is a unique social phenomenon, which spreads on to all industries and spheres of modern life. It is difficult to find a sphere with no young inspired volunteers in it. First of all, the most developed, and the most demanded direction is social services. Nowadays Almaty University students gather their resources to provide homes for elderly people with clothes and drugs, pet shelters with vaccines and food, or sick children with money for treatment. One more interesting direction, which only just began to develop at our country is cultural and educational volunteering. This kind of work usually takes place at cultural institutions or connected to monuments, local history tourist routes, with different types of educational activities. Time to time people of artistic professions unite to share their skills and creativity with children, elderly and disabled people. This kind of volunteering is supposed to inspire listed groups to live. The third interesting direction is ecological volunteering. It includes working in reserves, forests, parks, and taking care of the surrounding territory. Modern community work days become interactive and engage lot of youngsters. Despite the variety of recently appeared ways to contribute to society, old-fashioned volunteering at orphanages remains status of the most known and popular type of volunteering. For many years, senior school students and elder representatives of youth spend their time to teach English, math and history. This kind of volunteering is meant to encourage desire to study and deliver portion of human attention and kindness to orphaned children.

Unlike elder generations, Millennials have limited interest for material goods and financial value. Modern youth seeks for the greatest moral value in every product, service or action. This social phenomenon could be a response to entire damage egoistic attitude of human beings have caused in the past. Thereby, we are here to make the world a better place and need to accept serving to society as a part of healthy existence.

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