About social work Essay

We would like to start by thanking our course instructor Sir Ahsan Rehman as without his motivation, guidance and belief in our team's capablilities and enthusiasm this project would not be possible. Afterward its the families of friends and relatives who deserve a big thankful acknowledgement who helped us with open heart by providing us lots of cloths to be distributed as our priority was to collect cloths as much as we can without asking or taking financial help. For the smooth accomplishment of distribution phase of our project, as there were some security concerns and to avoid any uncanny situation , we contacted an internal organisation (Imamia student organisation) of karachi university with the reference of our team leader. Initially they agreed to help us for distribution but just at eleventh hour of our project completion ( a day before distribution) they refused because of some internal matters of their organisation. But on the day of distribution some of the active members of the organisation showed up on their own as a volunteer and helped us in conducting the distribution activity smoothly, their presence is also acknowledged and appreciated because it contributed not only as a head count but as a strength and motivation to us which ultimately resulted in hurdle free completion of our distribution phase.

Challanges faced:

- it was a constant challange for all of us to take out time for the project from planning till execution, as we were even not able to attend meetings on the days while working on project.

- keeping the same level of motivation through out the project.

- During planning phase maintaining the balance between studies, classes and project became so difficult.

- During the visit to the locations where we planned to help, peoples were so rude and some refused to take help.

- We faced some security issues at some places during visits.

- While collecting clothes we tried to stick to the data we collected but soon we realized it will not work out like this.

- While collecting clothes some people got offended for asking about their used clothes

-During collection phase some of the donors asked to help us financially rather than clothes but we were bound to not take them.

- After collection its became a hurdle to arrange clothes at one place as team members were on different location.

- Due to time constraint we had to wash and iron the clothes on our ownself as we had significant amount of clothes.

- It took so much time to process the clothes for the sanitation and ironing them.

- We ran out of space for the placement of clothes to soak later we did that in shifts.

- After packaging it was the time to take the boxes to the distribution location, initially we thought we'll be taking them in our personal conveyance but soon we realize it will not be possible so we rented a suzuki pickup for that.

- During distribution we faced some uncanny situation but handled it thoroughly.


By doing this project of an act of kindness for other humans living among us was, not only for the team members but also for other students of our class, an inspiring work to be done for the betterment of our society in general. We along with other students not only got motivated but importantly realized the need, that why don't we get this idea on our own before this course. We are living in this society and we have to deliver such acts by performing such activities by helping peoples around us. Well it's never too late for good deeds. Even now everyone of us showed courage and decided to take active part in such activities to make some difference in the society as a whole by helping the Almight's creatures. From now we have agreed to setup some creative stalls in every event of institute so that we can make some money and use the same in helping needy people, simultaneously we'll put some donation boxes across the event location and will ask people to help us in helping needy peoples by telling them our ideas. We also discussed with the students of K.U regarding our ideas and asked them for working together and talking this idea on next level by rather helping only one to two areas we should extend our span to reach more and more people in this city who need help of any kind.

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