About social media Essay

The company on the example of which I will do an analysis of how social networks and marketing tools are used to get a competitive advantage.

"Amazing Bistro" is a small restaurant located in the old town of Limassol. (hypothetically)

My company belongs to the restaurant business, and the goods that I promote are the dishes themselves and the service. People go to restaurants not only to eat. A huge role is played by the atmosphere and service. And recently, the choice of a place for dinner is increasingly influenced by social networks. Under their influence are formed the menu, design and marketing campaigns of restaurants.

70% of success in social media content. You should carefully consider the process of its collection and processing, remember that a photograph of a pizza can cause salivation (and at the same time increase the amount of the average check), and dozens of guests may want to see your chef's smile. The content does not have to be professional, it is much more important that it is “alive”: evoked emotions and unwittingly involved in the life of your institution.

From social networks, you can learn about the place of interest anything. Especially when it comes to restaurants and cafes: the appearance of food and photo interiors can attract new customers.

Milk shakes with a pile of sweets on top or half of the cheese head, which is melted and placed on top of the dish: it all looks very beautiful.

The way food looks is a powerful incentive for someone who is going to eat it, take a picture of the product and show this beauty to friends and subscribers.

But Instagram photos are not everything. Yes, more people will know about the restaurant. Yes, they will come to take a picture of a milkshake. But one super-colorful dish is not enough for all times. It's boring. After trying once and posting a photo on Instagram, customers may no longer return to this place. And for any industry, it is important to retain customers. Therefore, the owners pumped through the menu of their establishments: new dishes, seasonal cocktails. Something new must appear all the time. And no matter how absurd the dish looks, it must be delicious.

The influence of social networks makes restaurateurs not only think about how the food in the photo will look cooler. Interior design is also important. Absolutely everything that is in a restaurant should look like it should be photographed. Up to the dishes and sugar bags.

Presence in social networks helps restaurants and other businesses to attract a much wider audience and new customers to whom they may not have had access before.

The objectives of the presence of a restaurant of any type in social networks can be reduced to two: to form a loyal audience, and also get direct traffic to your establishment - both online and offline.

For food delivery services, the need for SMM promotion is obvious. They need to use a maximum of channels to attract traffic to the site or to the community, where customers can make an order. At the same time, it is also very easy to evaluate the effectiveness of the SMM strategy using all sorts of tags, code words, or call tracking. However, marketing activity in social networks is also needed by offline institutions. More and more users choose a restaurant after studying reviews about it and viewing the site, but rather, the official page of the institution. Assessing the effectiveness of social media as a channel of attraction for offline institutions is more difficult, but possible. Today, only catering establishments that have monopoly advantages can afford to refuse online presence. For example, the university canteen, in which students are doomed to go in any case due to the lack of choice. However, for such a company, a group in social networks with a loyal community will not be superfluous. After all, a formed loyal audience can respond and respond to various marketing activities, including free of charge. Such subscribers are ready to act as brand ambassadors at their own level - again, for free, or, for a small fee, a pie on Tuesdays. For this, you should use various promotional codes that are published only in social networks, or tell about promotions only on your pages. You can also determine which of the online channels (or which of the sites in which network) is most effective due to marketing activities that differ within each of the channels.

For example, a network of sushi bars wants people who have recently been interested in Japanese cuisine and are within a kilometer from a certain restaurant, to find out about the promotion “The second portion of rolls - as a gift”. Marketer notes all the necessary categories in the program, creates 40-50 different ads with text, images or videos. Further, the system chooses which of the received target audience which post to show. For example, lovers of cats will see a satisfied Japanese cat offering sashimi and an address, and busy accountants will see a laconic image with an inscription like: “Dimokratias 14. Lunch from 13:00 to 15:00. Portion rolls as a gift.

Facebook remembers any physical actions of its users. His tools analyze, including scrolling stops, a finger touching the image on the touchscreen, the time of reading a single message. All the advertising that we see on the social network, according to the plan of Zuckerberg programmers, is similar to those posts that I like to watch and read to us or our friends. All the same laws apply to Instagram; other social networks are trying to imitate and gradually pull up. However improbable it may sound, Facebook is struggling to ensure that advertising is unobtrusive and relevant to users. Posts that account holders actively and positively respond to are higher in the tape and appear more often. Regular likes were divided into pictures-emotions, including in order to know exactly how the user relates to the advertising information.


Another opportunity to identify your client for offline restaurants is access to a Wi-Fi network. Most often, when granting access to the network, a visitor is asked to enter their phone number. And in that case, if you do not need to enter a phone number, the system can still identify the user, for example, using a Facebook pixel. As a result, the institution has the opportunity to send such a person personalized offers through targeted advertising.

To promote my business, I can choose primarily “Facebook” and “Instagram”. Also, depending on the popularity in a given period of time, I will use less / more popular programs and services for promotion.

Such as: "Tik-current" "Periscope" "Snapchat"

For a start, I have a ready-made Facebook page with a small number of photos describing the place and hours of work.

Must choose

To begin, we will promote our page and select the first window.

A window opens where you can create a post advertising the transition to the page itself, as well as the ability to like and comment on a post with a photo / video / carousel (several photos).

Next, we begin to customize the target.

Sex: all

Age: from 25 to 50+

Location (exactly where people will see your ad): we put on the map or write Cyprus. Since the island is not very big, all the people and tourists on the island will be able to see our advertisement.

In some countries and big cities, passing by a cafe or connecting to a Wi-Fi, the browser gives advertisements to the most restaurants nearby, (cafes, restaurants, beauty salons) knowing which side of the street you are on because your phone automatically connects to WI-FI.

After setting the target location, we begin to set up detailed targeting, including or excluding demographic data, interests and behaviors.

In the line, you can select the appropriate categories and subcategories:

Demographic Interests> Life Events

In a new relationship

Far from hometown

Demographic interests> Life events> Anniversary

Anniversary for 30 days

Demographic interests> Life events> Birthday

Soon birthday

Interests> Food and Drinks> Alcoholic Drinks


Alcoholic beverages


Interests> Food & Drink> Food






Natural Foods


Fast food


Interests> Food and Drinks> Cooking

Bakery products


Interests> Food & Drink> Kitchen

Greek cuisine

Spanish cuisine

Italian food

Latin American cuisine

Mexican food

German kitchen

French cuisine

Interests> Food and Drinks> Drinks


Cool drinks

The juice


Energy drinks

Interests> Food & Drink> Restaurants

Snack bars

Coffee shops

Fast food restaurants

Snack restaurants

Interests> Family & Relationships








Interests> Hobbies> Traveling


Behavior> Other Categories

Interested in upcoming events

Behavior> Consumer behavior

Buyers involved

Behavior> Mobile Device User> All mobile devices with this operating system

Access to Facebook (mobile device): Android devices

Access to Facebook (mobile device): Apple devices (iOS)

Behavior> Travel

Driving to work from the suburbs

Regularly traveling abroad

Often traveling

Behavior> Expatriates

Former residents of Cyprus (formerly "Expatriates - Cyprus")

Former residents of Russia (formerly "Expatriates - Russia")

And completing the promotion, you need to select the average cost of an advertising post per day. The average daily budget can be selected from at least 1 EUR to 200 EUR.

Choosing an average daily budget of around 4 EUR with a Potential coverage: 570",000 people.

“Budget- how much money someone has to pay you. It’s not true. Keep it open mind.” (Hennessy, 2018)

Awareness – Before anyone can become a customer, they have to know you exist. That’s where the funnel begins: people becoming aware of your company. This is usually accomplished through marketing campaigns; however, sometimes consumers will find you through their own research.

Interest – After leads have been gathered, they begin to do research and grow their interest in what you have to offer. In this stage of the sales funnel, brands should be developing relationships and building trust.

(Zeto Gravity Marketing, 2019)


To promote our business on the platform, Instagram, you must again use the "Facebook ads manager" system. In our time for maximum attraction, it is necessary to use something bright and loud, better if it will be a video ad. Just all this characterizes Instagram. In this platform we will use photos and videos.

You need to create an account in Instagram and link it to the already created FB page. Choosing the right options is as simple as Facebook.

Objective is to get as many new subscribers as possible and tell people about your business.

The most important feature of Instagram is influencers. People with a large number of subscribers (their audience is called "hot" because they are ready to buy everything that a blogger advertises)

We select the publication with the help of which we will advertise the restaurant.

Choose what type of advertising we need - go to the site or go to the Instagram profile

We select the target audience. Instagram allows you to automatically determine the target audience, but it is better to do it manually, the more accurately the target is set up, the more result our advertising campaign will bring.

The budget that we are willing to spend and the number of days.

Instagram promises, with a price of 5 EUR for 6 days, an approximate coverage of 3",900 to 10",000 people.

Spoiler alert: people’s attention spans are microscopic. You can’t get a lot of attention and say “Hey, this is what I am.” Recognition is a key element of building brand awareness. When you follow your profiles, they should be able to understand what you’re all about. Likewise, they should recognize that you are, well, you. If you don’t recognize people.

(Barnhart, July 13, 2018)


When it comes to social media, the hashtag is used to draw attention, to organize, and to promote.

Hashtags got their start in Twitter as a way of making it easier for people to find, follow, and contribute to a conversation. You can create certain categories of categories and subcategories, they will help users search for the information they need on your page. For example merge photos #DISHOFTHEDAY or video #OURSTUFF.

An example of how the post of our restaurant in Instagram can look. "Carousel" allows you to show several photos as a cover and a map with the location of the institution, which can be opened on Google maps.


Now the search engines can also be perceived as a social network (Google +). Google is one of the main search engines. Advertise anything in social networks and not pay attention to search engines - it means to get only 50% of the result on the Internet.

Attracting visitors. To reduce your marketing spending, you will need to find free or inexpensive ways to attract visitors to your website. The trick here is digital content and search engines. Google and other search engines index websites and recommend them when someone searches for a particular set of keywords that match the contents of a web page. By ensuring your pages turn up early in the search engine result pages, it is likely the person searching for the keywords will click the links to visit your site. The more web pages you have with information related to a specific set of search keywords, the greater the chance one or more of those pages ends up early in the search results and gets clicked. In short, by writing several web pages touching on relevant subjects, more visitors can be sent to you from search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

(Unemyr, 2015)

Everything is just as simple and easy. We go to our account, write about our company, since we use social networks, our restaurant’s website will be a Facebook page.

We set the price for advertising (Budget).

Locations: Cyprus

Choosing Networks: Will our ads be visible only in search queries or else on the pages of Google partners. Display Network - Includes content ads and non-Google content partners.

Keywords: words related to your ad and possible words when searching for which the ad will be shown. Keywords for our ad: restaurant, Bistro, Limassol, Old Town, Cyprus, Food.

Bids: the maximum price we are willing to pay per click on the ad

Can be set automatically.

And now the Ad:

It’s hard to find a brand website, or even a traditional media ad, that doesn't feature links to the brand's Facebook, Instagram. Twitter, Googles, YouTube, Snapchat, Pintenest. Linkedin, or other social media sites. Social media provide exciting opportunities to extend customer engagement and get people talking about a brand.

Some social media are huge-Facebook has more than 1.59 billion active monthly members. Instagram has more than 400 million active monthly users, Twitter has more than 315 million monthly users, Google+ racks up 300 million active monthly visitors, and Pinterest draws more than 100 million users. Reddit, the online social news community, has 234 million unique visitors each month from 185 countries. But smaller, more focused social media sites are also thriving, such as CafeMom, an online community of 20 million moms who exchange advice, entertainment, and commiseration at the community's online, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Googles, and mobile sites. Even tiny sites can attract active audiences, such as Biardpost.com for avid birdwatchers or Ravelry.com for knitters and crocheters.

Online social media provide a digital home where people can connect and share important information and moments in their lives. As a result, they offer an ideal platform for real-time marketing, by which marketers can engage consumers in the moment by linking brands to important happenings in consumer’s lives.

(Kotler & Armstrong, 2017)

To achieve success in social networks, it is not enough to move only on one platform, high-quality content for different audiences should be generated on all the necessary platforms. Without accurate tracking of any advertising, using special business pages, we will not get the full result.

Thus, social networks and marketing tools allow you to efficiently promote your company in the network and compete with other institutions, ensuring a constant influx of new customers and maintaining interest among visitors who have already visited the restaurant.

It is important for each social network to maintain its interesting content and accurately expose the target audience.

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