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Summary of the Organization Scotia bank is a Canadian based corporation who has now become one of the largest international banks. This company was founded in 1832. They are located all over the world from developed countries to developing countries. Scotia bank focuses on making their customers better off for the future. They supply knowledge and service to help the needs of their customers and they provide a safe and diverse workplace for their employees. Scotia bank values their corporate governance, customers, employees, the environment, and the community. Scotia bank has a mission and core values that they strive to meet and a vision for their company in the future. Mission and Core values Scotia bank exists to provide security and safety to people’s money and valuables. “Our core purpose is to be the best at helping customers become financially better off by providing relevant solutions to their unique needs.” (cgi.scotiabank.com). A mission statement is what an organization does well in the present. It’s snippet of the company. Vision Scotia bank aims to provide benefit towards society and bank itself. Scotia bank has a vision about being one of many leading brands in the world. “We’ll be one of the world’s leading brand marketing companies by 2015. We’ll work with global clients to develop branding strategies for new and existing products” (Scotiabank.com). This is a goal that the employees of Scotia bank strive for and an idea that Scotia bank wants the public to see. Position: Client Service Associate Purpose of the Job: The Client Service Associate “CSA” provides the Client Relationship Managers with support needed to service client requirements and new asks. This will include coordinating efforts with internal partners and directly reaching out to clients to address various activities such as resolution of escalated client challenges, collection/processing of financial reporting, satisfaction of funding requirements and on boarding needs. The role is specific to servicing of the Growth and Core Segment in Commercial Banking Distribution. KSAO’S Education: • College/University degree or equivalent work experience • Commitment to participate in other training requirements as determined by the Bank from time to time Skills/Work Experience: • Strong commitment to excellent client service and ability to work with clients to resolve issues in an amicable and prompt manner • Strong interpersonal skills to obtain agreements within Commercial Banking and partners • Strong written and verbal skills with proven ability to engage stakeholders and clients • Good knowledge of credit structures and applicable risk management • Good knowledge of fulfilment processes and roles of partners • Good knowledge of Commercial Banking partners and their involvement in servicing clients. In particular knowledge of the Business Service Center, Enhanced Due Diligence Team and Cash Management teams is important • Good knowledge of the Commercial Banking Distribution structure as well as role of other groups within Commercial Banking (Roynat, Real Estate, Leasing etc) • Working knowledge of the features and benefits of Commercial products and services • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office applications Attributes/Traits • A high degree of flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of tasks. • Strong commitment to accuracy, customer focus and results focus. • Self-reliance and Honesty • Teamwork and Dependability • The environment is fast paced and demanding and will at times require priorities be re-adjusted to accommodate urgent requests Transferable Skills • Team Work. Work effectively in a group or team to achieve goals. • Strong organizational skills to co-ordinate and prioritize a number of concurrent requests from different Relationship Managers • Strong interpersonal skills to obtain agreements within Commercial Banking and partners • Strong written and verbal skills with proven ability to engage stakeholders and clients • Good knowledge of Financial Statements and credit analysis • Thorough knowledge of the applicable software and technology platforms for Commercial (e.g., Sales Force, Intralink, Lotus Notes) Testing 1) Possible Two Different types of test considered for this position? • The Customer Service Aptitude Test It measures the personality traits for the success of achieving excellent customer service positions. • Situational Judgment Test is psychological test that assess the judgment of candidate required for problem solving in work related situations. It offers hypothetical situations involving working with teams, customers etc. 2) b) Explain the importance of reliability and validity on each test? For a successful organization, choosing the best candidates for the job is an integral part of Human resources department. Effective selection is therefore important and depends to a large degree on the testing concepts of reliability and validity. In order to establish the reliability of test, retest is a effective measure to obtain the reliability by administering the same test over period of time to a group of people. Another important part is the validity of the used contents in the test, as it reflects an actual sample of the workplace task. The basic procedure is to identify tasks and behaviors critical to performance. The test should measure tasks and skills that are actually necessary for the job. Legal Consideration’s 1) Explain the four Grounds of Discrimination: Discrimination at workplace is illegal, unethical, and unacceptable. Treating someone differently and less than others in terms and conditions of employment includes individuals discrimination. According to Alberta Human Rights Act , Employers are expected to create an inclusive workplace that respects the dignity of every individual. Employees can play an important role in creating an inclusive workplace by understanding their rights and responsibilities. Employees have the right to: • Work in a respectful, inclusive work environment free of discrimination • Be accommodated based on their needs related to the protected grounds in the AHR Act • Make a complaint to the Alberta Human Rights Commission if they believe discrimination occurred based on a protected ground under the AHR Act Four types of Discrimination are as follows: • Race • Sex • Religious • Disability There are several ways that an individual could experience discrimination personally or professionally. I would like to reflect to my personal experience at Sydney, Australia Airport, An Elderly Sikh (turban) man was systematically referred to secondary screening at airport due to his ethnic attires and color of his skin. 2) Two Best practices that could be implemented in the selection process: It is an imperative step for human resources professional to ensure that extra precautions are taken while hiring process. A job candidate can sue or file a complaint due to unfair employment practices. So it is essential for organization to make an extra effort to avoid discrimination claims and safeguard the reputation of organization. Few Suggestions for best practices: a) Ask the same interview questions to all candidates for the same job position by creating a detailed description of job duties and responsibilities of the position. It is important that all selected candidates have equal opportunity to participate in interview and explain why they are right choice for job. b) Arrange for another interviewer to be present at an interview to prevent the confusion of proving that the process was handed fairly. References: • Scotia bank jobs. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.indeed.ca/ • Rights and Responsibilities. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.albertahumanrights.ab.ca/employment/employee_info/Pages/employee_rights_and_responsibilities.aspx • Welcome to Scotia bank. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.scotiabank.com/corp/en/0",",10829",00.html •

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