About religion Essay

The event that I was attended was not a celebration it was normal worship which they do normal every day. The tone the theme was it adoration and worship. Buddhists worship together as a community. They help the other to learn more about the scripture and the processes of their practice of meditation. They say they are not only focused on their community but as well as they focus on the outside of their wall. There are the five elements of worship and they are fire, air, an earth that is symbolism by the square base, water and the last one is philosophy the love of the wisdom. The message or prayer are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. They believe that the prayer and mantras will blow by the wind and divide the goodwill, compassion into all the pervading space. Their emotional expression was a simple base of their mind and personality developable of spiritual life. They keep their persecuted emotion as states. They say that back in Thailand they will walk on the street at 8 or 9 o’clock to get the food and the people that who respect them will wait and offer them food. After that, the monk will give them a blessing word or pray it for them to live well, be safe from the danger thing. In Thailand, the community seems to be to socially be unconcerned because the monks have to get involved in the social and a lot of them that are untouchable caste. I would describe them as a middle because I observed them as the present. If I observe them at the late central I would say, upper class, because the past monks have more knowledge or know more about the information and they are more powerful. I could tell that the ethics of this community are to live of the act and their action can have either harmful or beneficial consequence of oneself or another. Also, the ethics are concerned with the principle and the practices help rather than to harm others. You cannot behave carelessly if you are monks and you have to follow their rule. If you do behavior are not properly the monks can hit you with the stick, so you learn the lesion. One of the most important parts of their belief is spiritual traditions. For example, if gosh possessive a person which they would invite monks and pray utile the spirt get out. They do believe that is evil force remain in this world. I have to ask myth question about dragon which they call it Nakee in Thai and why do they worship to it? They say that most of the people believing that they bring a good luck charm of the cremation. A long time ago they believe that dragon was their mom because they say that the dragon came out she turns herself in human form and follows with human and she got pregnant and after giving birth she went back to the water. Up until now when you visit Thailand temple on the top of the temple root there is a dragon see that. Some of them believe that the dragon will come back again at the last time and the world will end it when it came back. For the second myth was don’t disrespect your mom for a long time ago old people say that one of the kid grew up an adult and don’t listen to his or her parent, he says bad thing to his parent and drink alcohol, he was out hand no one can control him that he was so bad at that point he kick his parent beat them up. When getting out the house the ground swallow him little by little. The ground became so hot, people try to give him water, but he can’t drink it. No one knows what to do, they invite the monk to come help, but it was too late, the monk can’t do anything, but tell him that to a urologist to his parent after that then he can drink the water, but he passes away and up until now the story still remain in this world, they even wrote a book an about. The thing that I learn that can apply to my life is to be respect full to everyone and no need to judge another religion base on what they believe. I want to avoid karma if I could because if you don’t do anything that would harm someone, you’ll be good, but otherwise it can happen to you later on if you do harm someone. Most of the religion they follow the same religious practices, and religions have their own rituals to their own belief. One of the similarities they all practice by convincing messages about the spiritual throughout the stories or metaphors. They all do something to express the ideas and the concepts to help to achieve the supernatural. All the religion help the people to find peace, give them a hope and turn their life to the right path and change their view. Religion can influent or motivate to justify a thing to the other and they do the ceremonies or practiced to show their life dedication and faith to the religion that that believe. Every religion being considered and respected because they want to show them sincerely why religion was so important, so they painting the picture of Buddhism, or god and every step was important. For example, every drama has a church or temple, they are showing that in this world if we do bad thing what will happen and if you do a good thing what was the benefit of it. For is cultural reality is your true to yourself or the felling was being to gather as a group and it was part of yourself. It also includes to your generation. Also, cultural unity is the same thing and they all sharing an same culturally identical group.

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