About project management Essay

Project name:- Event planning

Project Name Event Management Website

Written By Harpreet Kaur

Start Month January

End month September

Description:- Event Management project will provide following services:

• Coordination of different events

• Innovative ways to entertain and communicate

• Services related to the planning of special events

• Decoration related services

• Online Resources

• Provide festivals lighting

• Able to handle formal parties

• Within nominal budgets

• Handle large audience

• Dynamic website

Project scope:- Event management’s scope is increasing day by day because people have a fast pace life so they have not enough time to arrange any event by themselves. This project will help them to do these things easily because it will be easily accessible so its scope will be grow rapidly. This will save a lot of time and hard work because all manual process will be online. All events registration will be online. It will be user and environment friendly. First and foremost, all the needs will address.

Goals of project:-

• To provide a complete solution to all customers and fulfil their requirements

• Provide user friendly project

• Increase revenues

• Update easily

• Minimize cost

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC):- Iterative modal will be selected as a life cycle for my project as it increment after one iteration and my project will be update with time to time so new requirements will be added in this as per the user requirements.

Different phases Description

Requirement Analysis • Hardware Requirements:


500 MB

HDD Space

2 GB


Intel core 7

• Software requirements:

Operating System



Oracle, Maria DB


Google Chrome/

Mozilla Firefox


Java, html

• Gathering information

• Budget Requirements

• Deadline

• Reliability

• Size and Performance

Design After revising the requirement document, designing phase will be started. It will include the following things:

• Design modules:

First of all, I will make the small chunks of my whole project and then start to do work on these modules. All the modules will be designed abstractly.

• Overall guidance on every function and performance requirements will be described here.

• One type of blueprint will be made which will describe all internal structure of website.

Implementation In this, all the designed code will be implemented and Development of module

Refinement of developed modules

Events will execute with respect to process, technology and people. My project will determine that which events should organize and it will help in justifying budget and ensure the selection of any event. Objects will be matched with events



Gantt chart:

It will describe the graphical illustration of timeline or duration that will be taken by every phase of my project. Using this, I will be easily do planning and track the progress of my project and also it will help me in doing things on time.

Phases/Time January February March April May June July August September





Success rate:

Project management is on the rise. While I am pleased about this development, it may bring new roles and responsibilities for today's and tomorrow's event professional in an organization.

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