About ooty lake, lets you weave memories forever Essay

Ooty Lake tops that list of the Ooty places you should visit. Sounded by eucalyptus vegetation which are really tall, the exquisiteness of Ooty lake is unparalleled to every lake in India. This artificial lake covers sixty five acres of area. It was built Mr. John Sullivan with a motive to help the fishermen of this area. You can go cycling around the lake, even horse riding is a much liked tourist activity and then there is boating. Most visitors come here to take pleasure in the peacefulness of this place. Some photography admirers can get the best setting with changing colours of the sky and the water throughout the day.

Boating is a delight in Ooty Lake. It’s easy to come across a variety of fish species in the lake and also many plant species in the region of the lake. You can spend good 30 to 40 minutes boating in this lake. You can enjoy meal and snacks here as there are many shops around the lake. For horse riding, we would advise you to wear clothes that will be comfortable. During weekends Ooty Lake is crowded, so if you desire spending a peaceful time, try and avoid the weekends and come here on a weekday to get the best out of this Lake.

All kids love this place because there is so much to do for them. There is not even 1% chance that a child will get bored here. A toy train for kids costs only around Rs 10/- .Other activities include break dance, Columbus and dashing car. Once you are here you can’t miss the boat house. It is usually full of people so don’t get disappointed if you have to wait in long queues. You can also collect souvenirs for your friends and loved ones from the shops that are lined around the lake. Get your picnic mats and be ready to spend time in the lap of the nature, amid the gorgeous waters of the Lake. Vacation at Ooty Places to freshen up yourself from the boring life that you lead daily.

Important Details about Ooty Lake


The weather here remains pleasant all year long. You might not be able to do boating during rains.


9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Open all days from Monday to Sunday.

How to reach?

This place can be reached from the nearest Bus Stand and Railway Station, which is Ooty.

Ooty Railway station to Ooty Lake – 2.3 Kilometres

Ooty Bus Stand to Ooty Lake – 1.7 Kilometres

Entry Fee

12/- per person

50/- for still camera

145/- for video camera

Visit Duration

2 -3 Hours or more if you like.

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