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Online college can be daunting whether you’re an incoming freshman or in the middle of online college right now. If you’re having trouble in school or merely want to know what it endures, these strategies will show you how to become successful in online college. First organization will help you to keep track of all your classes and notes, without this you will unwittingly make things much harder on yourself. Another thing is having good-time management skills; which will help you know when projects or assignments are due, or when big exams are scheduled. Don’t forget to stay focused in class and have good study habits outside of class. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your professors for help. If you want to achieve success in your online college course, you need to be organized, focused, have good-time management skills, study hard, and know when to seek help.

Above all, you need to be organized. There are several ways you can improve your organizational skills. One way is to make sure your notes are nice and organized otherwise you might be unable to comprehend them later when you have to study for a test. There are a few popular note taking methods out there. One of them is the Outline Method which requires you to structure your notes in the form of an outline using bullet points to represent various topics and subtopics. You’ll start by writing main topics on the far left of the page and add related subtopic in bullet points below using indents. Another widely used method is the Cornell Method. With this the page is divided into three or four sections starting from one row at the top for title and date (optional) and one at the bottom along with two columns in the center. 30% of width should be kept in the left column while the remaining 70% for the right column. There are other methods you can use if these don’t work.

Another thing you should do is make sure your workspace is tidy and doesn’t have a ton of papers and books all over the place. Purchase folders and binders for all your loose papers and label them so you know which is which. Also find a something to hold all your notebooks and textbooks in one place; this will make them easier and faster to find. Keep a day planner to write down dates for when things are due and when classes are; this will help you to keep track of important test dates and when you need to start a project. Use colored pens, tabs and stickers in your day planner so you don’t get confused as to which class is linked to which date. If you are still having a hard time staying organized, find an app for your phone dedicated to helping college students staying organized. Follow these tips, and you will definitely start to feel a lot more organized.

Time management is also an important skill to have when you are in online college. Every so often with online classes you can get easily distracted or inevitably find yourself prone to procrastinating. Unfortunately you can not afford to do either. If you find yourself often distracted when listening to a lecture or reading the coursework, try finding a quite space in your house. If that doesn’t work, either go to the local library or an internet cafe.

Wanting to put off studying or writing that paper is understandable, but as a student you cannot afford to procrastinate. Procrastination leads to studying last second for the big exam or quickly and sloppily doing the assignment and turning it in with seconds to spare. Learn to make good use of your time, instead of watching TV or hanging out with friends do your homework first or study for any tests you might have. Time management is something everyone struggles with, but if you work hard enough you will see a payoff in your grades.

Creating good study habits will also aid you with college. If you know how to study, that’s great, but if you don’t you are in big trouble. One way to improve your study skills is to break out those highlighters and highlight all the necessary information you’ve written in your notebook. Also, if you want to be able to go back and study something in your textbook, use sticky tabs to bookmark where something is; that way you don’t ruin your rental or the resell value of your textbook! Another good study habit is to give yourself time to study before you have a test; do not cram the night before the test. If you cram, you won't learn as much as if you had taken the time to study, not to mention how exhausted you’ll be during the test.

If you typically have a hard time studying by yourself, think about joining an online study group or having a study buddy. Online study groups use email where each member of a study group is placed on an email list, receiving what other members send out and easily sending information to the other members of the list; discussion boards which most schools offer for their students; live chat offers real-time interaction among members of the group; and video chat which allows group members to see and speak to one another in real time. You can also find an online study buddy or if you have a friend enrolled in the same class, study with them. There are fortunately many different styles for studying; you just have to find the right one for you.

If you are nevertheless still struggling with your classes, don’t be afraid to ask for help; your professors are more than happy to assist you. Email or call them and ask if they can explain something to you or if they have an after-school class discussion program that you can join. Also don’t be afraid to go to your student counselor. They have dealt with other students just like you and can offer you possible solutions you haven’t thought of. Another thing you can do is hire a private tutor. Most people don’t think about having a tutor in college, but it’s actually relatively common. Don’t wait to seek help; if you’re struggling there are plenty of people out there that can help.

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