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Music is a huge part of pretty much everybody's life. Your favorite music can make you feel happy, inspired, and, according to psychologists, even reveal deep secrets about your personality! But before you learn more, make sure to hit “subscribe” and ring this notification bell to never miss a thing on the Bright Side of life!

But back to the surprising connection between music and character! During the study that was conducted by researchers from the Heriot-Watt University, more than 36",000 participants were asked to rate different music genres and, additionally, provide information about different aspects of their personality. After analyzing all the results, specialists found that people who love the same musical styles possess similar personality traits too! So I have only one question for you: what's your favorite genre of music? It's time to find out what it says about you!

#1: Pop

If you're a huge fan of pop music, you're most probably extraverted, hard-working, and pretty honest. You love to meet new people and get into new exciting adventures and ideas. You're also very likely to have quite high self-esteem, and there's nothing wrong with it! You just know exactly who you are and who you are not, and don't feel the need to prove yourself to anybody. You're also very driven and ambitious – you have clear goals for your future and you're prepared to work hard to make your dreams a reality. However, pop music lovers have their flaws too – the researchers suggest that they tend to be a bit less creative than others. It's just that they often look at things from practical point of view, and this quality definitely helps them on their way to success!

#2: Rock

A lot of people perceive rock as aggressive and “heavy” music, so it's really interesting that people who love it are way more introverted, dreamy, and romantic than you may think! If rock'n'roll is definitely your kind of music, you're extremely creative and intuitive. Rock lovers see the world as a platform of endless possibilities and are interested in mastering many things at once. They have their romantic side too, and even though they rarely fall in love, when they do, they love deeply and are ready to do anything to make their partner happy. Appreciating rock above other genres also shows that you're a flexible person – you can quickly adapt to any situation and make the best out of it! Nonetheless, this type of people can have self-esteem problems – they often focus on their imperfections and have a tendency of being way too harsh to themselves.

#3: Hip-hop

If your playlist mostly consists of rap and hip-hop music, you're probably highly extraverted and outgoing. Rap lovers are often the life of the party – they have outstanding social skills and can find common ground with both extraverts and introverts. That's why whenever their social life suddenly dies down they can feel empty and even depressed. Unlike rock lovers, those who appreciate rap and hip-hop music are rather concrete than intuitive – they trust their senses and focus their attention on facts. They also have pretty high self-esteem which can easily become their bad trait too, as they can sometimes act arrogant and entitled. Still, most of the time rap lovers are the ones that entertain the whole company and attract people with their undeniable charisma!

#4: Electronic

If you can't stop listening to electronic music, you're probably a social butterfly who has strong opinions and rarely compromises. Electronic music lovers are often big fans of going to the concerts and music festivals. Just like hip-hop fans they're realists who use their senses to explore the world around them. They're brutally honest that can sometimes get them into trouble. They rarely mean to offend anybody, though – they just prefer bitter truth to sweet lie. Moreover, they're extremely passionate about their ideas, opinions, and beliefs and they'll never do anything that goes against their moral code. The truth is, it's not that easy to get along with them but if you do, you'll get the most loyal, fierce, and fun friend ever!

#5: Indie

It's no secret that more and more people are getting interested in indie music, as well as bands and artists with an unconventional sound. And if you're one of those people who constantly search for new indie gems, you're probably an introverted but highly creative intellectual. And when I say creative I mean creative – indie lovers are certainly the most creative out of all other music genre types. They know how to think outside of the box and find simple but innovative solutions in a heartbeat. This makes them masters of brainstorming and powerful leaders. There's only one thing that holds them back – themselves! They can be pretty lazy and passive and often prefer to wait for the problem to solve itself out. Additionally, they're prone to anxiety and depression that can take a real toll on them. Nonetheless, if they'll take time to fight all their inner demons, they can easily take their rightful place on top of the game!

#6: Country

Country music has tons of dedicated fans all over the world, and if you're one of them, you're really laid-back, friendly, and responsible. Even though country songs often describe going through a rollercoaster of emotions, most country lovers rarely go through mood swings and are very emotionally stable. They're “the glass is half full” kinda people and if you see them sad, they most probably have a good reason for it. People who listen to country music are also natural caretakers – they always try to make sure that everybody's happy, and if you ever need advice or a shoulder to cry on, they're the ones to go to! However, despite their friendly nature, they can be pretty shy and indecisive too which often stands in their way of achieving their ultimate happiness.

#7: Jazz

If you can't live without jazz or blues, you're intelligent, charming, and traditional. Jazz lovers enjoy the simplest things and put their main focus on their relationships. They develop strong and long-lasting friendships and are usually very family-oriented. They're quite orderly and neat as well – whatever day they're having, you won't find any mess in their house or workspace. When it comes to their social life, people who listen to jazz or blues are mostly introverts. They're extremely friendly and warm to everyone they meet, still they need time to really bond with the other person. Plus, jazz lovers are highly responsible, organized, and trustworthy which makes them excellent workers and loyal partners everyone wishes to have.

#8: Dance

According to the research, if you enjoy any type of music you can dance to, you're an outgoing and assertive person. You love all things risky and are usually the first one to jump off a cliff or skydive. The thing you value the most is your experiences, so any day you spend at home is a total waste of time for you. This makes you the greatest advocate for enjoying your life to the fullest and not being afraid of anything. And even though it brings extra excitement and fun to your life, this approach can make you lose sight of more important things. Dance music lovers can lack stability and often find themselves alone at the end of the day, simply because they rarely open up to others on a deeper level. Maybe you should slow down a bit and take everything in – sometimes living at moderate speed can be way more fulfilling!

#9: Classical

Unfortunately, nowadays people almost never listen to classical music but if you're one of those rare people who genuinely love it more than any other music genre, you're definitely exceptionally smart and confident. Still, you manage a healthy balance between confidence and arrogance – you're sure of your abilities and are able to accept yourself with all your flaws without putting yourself above others. And this is exactly where your natural magnetism is coming from – you're at ease with yourself, oozing harmony that draws people to you. Classical music lovers are usually introverts but they're completely comfortable with it – they enjoy their time alone and use it to better themselves. Plus, just like rock lovers, they're really creative and are often engaged in poetry, drawing, acting, or any other activity that allows them to express themselves.

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