About metamorphosis Essay

The Metamorphosis by Kafka it gives u a story about transformation, abandoned

by parents",relationship with sister instead of receiving love gregor is an outcast and

trying to find his way to a human again. One would normally think of the home

and family as a sanctuary; however the evidence is true for Gregor Samsa in Franz

Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. Instead of receiving love from his family, Gregor is


Gregor transformation into a bug started into his room waking up thinking it was a

dream and to go back to sleep. and everything will be normal but it was really

reality Gregor life was really over. he realized he was a bug when he couldn’t put

on his clothes or walk as usual , unlock his room door. Gregor was more worried

about his job and career then his life or how people looked at him he wanted to

work and be successful i felt as if this wasn’t for Gregor why was he turned into a

bug. his life was over he had to live his life ashamed and closed behind a door no

job no career nothing to look forward to or no one to call on that really loved him.

Gregor had grew more comfortable into his body he began to climb the walls

for amusement .Grete was disgusted by her brother but she began to be her brother

caretaker because nobody else would do it. Gregor parents they looked at Gregor

as a bug instead of there son very mistreated so Grete stepped in and started to take

care of her brother .started to feed him milk and bread but he doesn’t have no care

for it so his sister take away the milk and bread and gives him rotten food and he

happily eats it . so Grete becomes tired of taking care of her brother and tells her

parents that they must get rid of Gregor or they will be ruined and her father agrees

that’s very bad to hear about u to try to get rid of yr own very son.

Gregor had it bad he turned into a bug , lost his job what he really like doing

best, family was ashamed of him, wanted to get rid of him. it was already a lot

pressure on him being a bug and didn’t know to be human again his parents

couldn’t even come in to visit him in the first 2 weeks. Gregor spent his nights and

days with hardly any sleep he was filed with sheer anger over the wrenched care

he was getting and Gregor hardly ate anything anymore. No one paid him any

attention anymore they was all caught up in the violin playing Gregor use to lay

motionless the entire time in the spot where the lodgers had caught him.

Gregor family takes a trolley ride out to the countryside they decide to

move to a smaller apartment to further save money. an act they were unable to

carry out in Gregor’s presence. Gregor understand them when they want him to

leave or they will be ruined he move slowly back to the bedroom . There",

determined to rid his family of his presence Gregor dies, though it is not clear

whether the cause of the death was suicide or natural cause. the family finds out

Gregor is dead and is beyond happy of his death so they want put up with him.

My experience from this story taught me alot how they brought Gregor a lot of

pain. and didn’t care for him when he turned into a bug and i felt as if they was

using Gregor for his money. to keep they house so when Gregor turned into a bug

and couldn’t do nothing for them anymore they thought he was worthless. it isn’t

his fought he turned into a bug and couldn’t do anything for himself anymore. he

knew his family wouldn’t be happy with him finding out they son is a bug but they

could have took it better then they did i think gregor died because of sadness from

how his family treated him so he commited suicide.

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