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Executive Summary

The aim of this project was to investigate traditional marketing techniques used by Old Spice and recommend better modern online strategies that the company can utilise to boost its sale and customer share. The introduction part gives a brief overview of the company followed by the traditional marketing strategies part which describes how Old Spice has used TV ads and Magazines over the years. The evaluation section follows and the conclusion to present the main points. The last section is the recommendation, which provides modern online marketing strategies that can be used by Old Spice to boost their sales and market share. Some of these recommendations include social media, Google AdWords and SEO marketing.


Old Spice is a company based in the United States that deals with products encompassing antiperspirants, shampoos, deodorants, soaps and body washes, manufactured by Procter & Gamble (Armstrong et al., 2015). The firm was originally launched in 1937 by William Lightfoot S. as Early American Old Spice. It mainly targeted women and only released men products during Christmas and the end of the year. Nonetheless, they changed this over time as more male customer began to purchase male products. Presently, the company sells grooming products for males, including body wash (Micu et al., 2017). The company’s boat-shaped bottle cologne has for a long time been the primary product and it is availed in its original scent, including the latest Pure Sport that was first launched in 2006 (Turner et al., 2018).

Additionally, Old Spice launched a new fragrance, the OS signature, and this won the FHM’s grooming awards in 2006, for the best sports fragrance. Also, the company launched another collection of products containing the deodorant and antiperspirants that they advertised and stated that they offer the best performance and protection yet. Moreover, Old Spice expanded its line of products in 2014 to men’s hair and further introduced the conditioners, shampoos and other hairstyle products, namely Pomade, Gel, Wax and putty.

Towards the end of the 20th century, Old Spice went on a number of marketing campaigns all over the United Kingdom and Ireland and showcased a man on a surfboard, and he had on him strains of composer Carl Orff’s O Fortuna, which were tagged, ‘Old Spice, a Man’s Mark.’ In 2010, Old Spice launched another marketing campaign which was developed by Kennedy + Wieden and featured Isaiah Mustafa, and this was popularly known as, ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like",’ campaign. Following the tremendous success that the first marketing campaign had brought, Old Spice started another one named ‘The Response Campaign’ (Kingsnorth, 2016). In about 2 and a half days, the company recorded around 186 videos showing Mustafa having conversations with customers and celebrities. This saw the firm earn over 40 million views in the first week, and it surpassed the views on President Obama’s acceptance speech in 2008. In 2016, the company introduced a new brand face, the legendary man to launch one of the most difficult working collection (Xu et al., 2016).

The company’s online camping took off shortly after the Television and was first released. Old Spice combined quirky social strategies and brilliant copy to target more audience and potential customers (Philips et al., 2015). Previously, the firm only relied on TV and movie ads, which saw them gain a little visual familiarity. It was only after the company started to the integrated banner and video ads that they began to get more attention from potential customers.

Currently, there has been an unprecedented shift in marketing, and as consumers and professionals from different fields, people have no choice but to go along with it (Kotler et al., 2015). This is probably not an issue for millennials and Gen Z who have been raised in a digital age, but digital marketing has not worked very well for the older generations. Therefore, companies such as Old Spice need to embrace more methods of digital advertising to target a larger audience (Turner et al., 2018). Unlike the era where people used to watch TV, read newspapers, listen to the radio and pick flyers from events, today’s digital age has changed everything, in that, people have shifted their attention to the internet, and they acquire all their information from the same.

Main Business Objectives

Traditional marketing strategies used by Old Spice

Print magazine

The company made a print ad in a GQ magazine that featured an adult-sized paper blazer scented with the Procter & Gamble brand’s new line of fragrances for men. After opening the magazine, users could remove and sport the folded, disposable blazer emblazoned with the brand logo and ‘live the luxurious life of Old Spice Captain’ (Kluch, 2015). This campaign was developed by Kennedy + Wieden and aimed to promote the new red Collection as well as continued expanding the company’s efforts to poke fun at traditional marketing strategies for fragrance companies. Additionally, the company showcased a 60-second TV ad during the Grammy awards in 2018 to promote their fragrance’s scent. The TV commercial was entirely French (Micu et al., 2017).

The ad in GQ was proof of how the company was looking for inventive traditional marketing ways to come up with intriguing experienced for consumers looking to purchase fragrances (Kotler et al., 2015). While many companies continued to shift their focus on more digital campaign strategies, this brand maintained its traditional ad format with interactive print advertisements. According to Armstrong et al. (2015), interactive print advertisements are costly to produce, despite their potential for large returns in brand awareness and earned media. One of the latest magazine ads produced by the company is the blazer ad, and they have leveraged humour to smash tropes of traditional advertising and provide their customers enough to remain on top.

The print magazine contained a fully scented man-sized disposable paper blazer that customers could proudly wear around and discard any time. This ad was produced by Kennedy + Wieden.

Television Ads

The company launched a TV ad popularly known as ‘Smell Like a man, Man’ and involved a 30 second TV commercial (Rucker & O’Connell, 2017). This traditional marketing campaign was initially launched to market the company’s Red Zone following hours of body wash, but it was later expanded to include other products after the firm saw the success of the initial advertisements. The TV ad mainly targeted female viewers, despite selling male products, as they determined that female customers purchase such products for their male partners or relatives. The campaign mainly centres on the eponymous ‘Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ and the role is played by Mustafa I, and he is seen addressing viewers confidently with rapid-fire monologues aimed at promoting the product’s benefits (Turner et al., 2018). While stating the benefits of the product, the campaigner engages in a variety of activities, costumes and locations, all in one uninterrupted take while maintaining a constant eye-contact with the viewers in a nonchalant demeanour. Additionally, the ad features a very surprising ending.

This TV ad was launched with two commercials. First, the primary 3-second spot and another 15-second spot, both produced by Kennedy + Wieden. In this ad, Mustafa states how anything is possible with the product and starts from a bathroom to a sailboat to riding a horse on the beach, he does all these without breaking his monologue and maintains eye contact with the viewers (Philips et al., 2015). The last part of the ad is the most intriguing part, where Mustafa says the “I’m on a horse”, and immediately the camera zooms out to reveal that he is sitting atop a horse.

The company launched the third series of commercials in early 2011 to promote its Collection Deodorant and Antiperspirant (Lioyd & Barber, 2016). The product’s branding revolves around different locations in the world and was entitled Scent Vacation, which proved a continuation of improvement on style compared to the previous TV ads.

In this ad, the same Mustafa is seen on a beach in a skirt, next he is seen atop a mountain and he later dives into a fish tank, where the camera passes to reveal him lying on the coach of a lavish room (Philips et al., 2015).

Assessment for their usefulness and effectiveness

Before the 2010 Super Bowl commercial, the company was known as a firm that only sells deodorants and body washer to old customers. This was attributed to its marketing campaign design (Micu et al., 2017). Nonetheless, after realising the need to increase their market share, they launched the marketing campaigns through magazine and TV ads directed towards the younger generation and the response was tremendous. The company saw a 100% increase in sales of their different products. Additionally, the company managed to increase their market share by 30% and now have captured the younger generation who are more interested in investing in their body and skin unlike the older generation (Tran & Strutton, 2016). These traditional marketing strategies have helped the company grow a great deal, and this evident by their market share and increased annual revenue.


The main aim of this report was to investigate Old Spice and look at how the company has been conducting their campaigns through traditional marketing strategies as well as their impact on the business. Old Spice is an American company that deals with fragrances, deodorants and body wash products for young men. After realizing that their campaigns only target older men, and given that they needed to increase their market share, the company launched several campaigns through TV ads and Magazines and also customized their products to fit what the millennials and Gen Z are looking for. One example of these campaigns include the ‘What your man could smell like’ tag which attracted a lot of attention from customers, both male and female. The TV ads mainly targeted females as the company understood that females were prone to buying such products for their male partners and relatives. As such, they included a good-looking man in the TV ads as well as the magazine to be the face of these campaigns. In the TV add, Mustafa is seen talking confidently to the viewers as he engages in other activities such as riding on a horse and climbing a mountain, after which he is seen swimming in a fish tank. He does all these while his eyes are fixated on the viewers and maintaining his monologue of how men could do anything after using Old Spice products. These traditional methods helped the company increase its market share by 50% in that period and also increased the sales of their products by 100%. As such, these traditional methods of marketing are still effective for all companies, despite there being a class to adopt the modern ways of campaigning that entails digital advertising. However, modern marketing strategies have proven to be more effective, especially for companies like Old Spice who are targeting the younger generation. Some of the ways through which Old Spice can benefit from various digital advertising are stated below.


The first modern online marketing tool that Old Spice should utilise is social media. Marketing through social media is one of the most versatile and cost-effective strategies where a company such as Old Spice would reach their young customers and boost their sales over time. Studies show that 90% of businesses that use social media achieve their target market and increase their market share. This company should use social media because:

Most of the company’s customers are on social media- Old Spice mainly targets young men and women, and these age groups spend most of their time only on social media platforms. According to Statista, 80% of the united state population own at least one social media profile. And by 2020, the number of social media users worldwide has been predicted to reach 3 billion people. With such a huge population spending their time on social media platforms, this would be a great opportunity of Old Spice to acquire more customers and increase their sales. This would make it easy for the company to connect with its customers on various platforms. In other words, instead of calling for customers, the company would be going to them through these platforms.

Consumers are more receptive to advertisements online- most people are on various social media platforms because this is where they get a chance to receive news about new products and connect with other people. Typically, they do not expect to be marketed to, but this does not mean that they ignore advertisements about new and existing products. In fact, according to data from MarketingSherpa, about 85% of online adults aged between 18 and 35 are likely to follow a brand on any platform. Nonetheless, they follow these brands and companies because they find their content engaging and exciting. Whether looking for certain products or enjoying entertaining content, social media users are always looking for products to improve their lives, and what best way to do this if not through deodorants and body wash products from Spice? The main reason why customers are more receptive to a certain brand online is that they engage in conversations with them and show a different side of the brand. The content that a company such as Old Spice publishes on such platforms significantly determines the influence they would have on potential customers. On social media, Old Spice would make authentic connections with leads and customers as compared to just sending direct messages or placing a TV ad that does not involve creating a connection with the customers. This is something most potential customers are more responsive too.

Social media can help Old Spice increase their brand’s recognition- this company would build significant visibility, and thus increase their recognition. Creating a profile on various social media platforms would help the company share their content and show their personality. Posting compelling and engaging content helps to add value to the audience being targeted, and this increases brand awareness of the market. For instance, say a new lead stumbles on the company’s social media. Although they may have heard about the company before, they will understand almost everything about the products being sold and also get to see reviews from other customers about the products and the general service quality of the company. Same applies to the existing customers, if the company creates attractive profiles, their customers will become better acquainted with the business, and thus increase their interest to purchase the products again.

The second modern marketing strategy that Old spice should think about is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is among the most powerful digital marketing strategies that can be leveraged by any business to increase leads. With almost every purchase that is made online being preceded by Google search, it is vital for accompany such as Old Spice to be found when customers start searching. Old Spice can hire a good digital agency to create a website for them and help it rank highly on good results by using certain keywords. The use of competitive keywords is basically how many other businesses try to rank highly n good search results, and more regular keywords are difficult to rank with, and to rank highly, Old Spice should ensure that they use specific keywords that will see their business acquire more visibility online. Delegating this task to another company would be costly, but Old Spice can calculate the return on investment and see the most cost-effective agency to provide these services or train one of its employees to do the same.

Another modern online marketing strategy that Old Spice should consider implementing is Pay-Per-Click advertising or Google AdWords. Search engine marketing involves several separate digital techniques, but none of these techniques has proven to be more successful than pay-per-click, also known as Google AdWords for the companies that advertise on Google. This service lets the company pay to appear at the top of Google searches, and this can yield great results for Old Spice.

These AdWords work on a cost-per-click basis, this takes place as such; the company only pays when a lead clicks on their ad, and thus one of the most effective marketing strategies at present. Since the company will be targeting phrases and keywords, the company should only be showing their ads to people interested in what the business has to offer, although the business may experience a huge loss if they come up with a poorly constructed AdWords campaign.

Moreover, another online marketing strategy that Old Spice can utilise is content marketing. This is perhaps the most complex and broadest of all the digital marketing strategies. It involves a huge range of content, from EDMs to white papers and blogs. The complexity of this strategy means that a company such as Old Spice should source for real experts on the same to ensure that the strategy is getting the return on investment as planned. A big mistake that the company can make is wasting resources on content that does not get results, thus drying up the marketing strategy.

Additionally, Old spice can utilise affiliate marketing to advertise its products. Sometimes this strategy can be less respected, especially compared to other strategies, but this is because of thousands of ‘wantrepreneurs’ and their friend's links in order to make money. As a business, Old Spice can set up a legitimate affiliate marketing campaign and encourage other webmasters to advertise its products, in exchange for a percentage cut in every sale they make. Old Spice’s products are in demand, thus many will be willing to take the affiliate marketing responsibility and get a cut for every purchase through their efforts.

These strategies have been tested by other companies and have worked for them. As such, there is a high possibility that, if implemented effectively by Old Spice, the company may increase its annual revenue and market share moving forward.

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