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Personally, after reviewing through the case study where john mentioned about various critical issues which accumulate in increasing the difficulty of having a proper update and progress in the organization, I feel it is best to design an EPM system around flexible elements. There are two reasons I would say it is important to take this approach. First are we looking at a short-term day to day completion of projects which goes on for some time and need regular planning updates for every new case we create or a long-term plan which is suitable and flexible for the future of the company. There might be a lot of planning and a lot of extra efforts that need to be put in initially, but the fruits of this decision would pay off slowly when people get a hand of the system and have a proper idea of the architecture.

In the present dubious business condition during the budgetary emergency where associations putting more accentuation on cost cutting, better asset use and attempting to accomplish more with less, EPM have turned out to be considerably increasingly significant. Another figure prompting rise EPM reception is expanding globalization. Associations are currently having worldwide impression and it turns out to be essential to have a concentrated PMO at the endeavor level administering every one of the tasks attempted in the association.

What's more they may acquaint checks and audits with enhance the nature of the task yield. Program level and Department level PMO convey the accompanying practices to the table like making program heading, having an administration structure inside an office, oversee sellers if merchants are engaged with supply, guarantee better dangers and issues goals. Undertaking PMO works intimately with the basic leadership administration in an association and oversee deliberately adjusting the business vision and goals to the activities that are started in various offices. EPMO guarantees that there is top authority purchase in for each venture started. EPMO set up together an administration structure in the association with the end goal that there is consistent stream of data start to finish and a different way they can see how each venture is performing.

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