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Place a Piece of tape Over the Peep Hole, It Will Protect Your House Going traveling or on a business trip can be a bit of a hassle. You do your best not to forget necessary documents, your favourite t-shirt, and find people who will look after your pets. But it's also really important to make sure your house is protected during your absence. There are several great hacks that will help you with that! #14 Don’t let your mailbox pile up A mailbox that is overflowed with letters and a pile of packages on the front step are clear indications for burglars that there is no one at home to pick them up. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask your neighbours or someone else you trust to grab them for you. But if you don’t want to bother people then just stop your mail delivery before going out of town. For this you need to contact your mail delivery company and ask them to hold your mail at your local post office. Usually they can do it for pretty long period of time, up to 30 days. As for packages, if you know you’re going to be away, it’s best to just not order anything that are scheduled to arrive while you’re gone. #13 Keep up on usual home maintenance Do you regularly have gardeners keep up your lawn and landscaping neat and tidy? Or the pool guy comes every week to clean up your pool? Then you’d better keep these schedules. Unkempt garden or dirty pool is a sure sign for potential thieves who might be staking out houses in your area that the owner is away. So, don’t let them notice that something is off. Also, if it’s snowy winter then have someone come every day and clean your driveaway and sidewalks of snow. You can ask a neighbour’s kids to do it for a small fee. #12 Don’t overshare on social media If you go on a long-awaited vacation then you probably feel overjoyed and want to let everybody know how great you’re spending your time. But think twice before doing so because this could lure criminals to your home. Posting online pictures from places you visit while you’re away is just letting everybody know that your house is empty. Bad guys may stalk your social media and find it out too. It’s better to curb your enthusiasm a bit and share photos from your vacations or memorable nights out when you’re back home. So skip the photo-posting, checking in, and status updates like “Off to the airport!”. But if you still can’t get over this desire and it’s hard for you to stay away from social media while on vacation at least check privacy settings of your accounts to make sure that only people who are in your friend list can see your posts. #11 Remove your spare keys Burlgars usually try to break in a house without making much damage. So be sure that they will search the territory around the house looking for spare keys. Many people still keep them under a doormat or a flower pot which is super cliché, and all thieves are well aware of those not so secret places. So, it’s essential to hide them away when you leave home for an extended period of time. Give them to a trusted person who can check your property in case of emergency, or simply leave in the house. #10 Leave your curtains the way they usually are Is it best to close or open your curtains before leaving? That’s kind of debetable question. On one hand, closing curtains means that no one can peek up in your windows. But on the other hand, you make it look abandoned and prevent neighbours, friends, or police from monitoring your house. Because what’s more giving away than an empty house with windows that don’t let sunshine in during the day, right? Any changes may give criminals a hint that no one’s around. So, just keep your curtains the way you normally do but hide away all valuable items from plain sight. Speaking of valuable things… #9 Relocate all your valuable items Can you imagine how surprised thieves would be if they realised that there were nothing to steal inside after breaking in? Yeah, leave them baffled! Of course, I don’t mean that you have to stash all your belongings elsewhere before leaving. Usually criminals are after money, expensive jewlerry, and expensive gadgets like a laptop. You can either leave all your precious stuff in a friend’s house or consider renting a safe deposit box in a bank. This will ensure your valuable possessions remain safe even if your home becomes a target for thieves. #8 Set timers on your electronics A dark house at night for a more than a few days is a dead giveaway that its owner is gone. But leaving the lights on for the entire time of your absence isn’t the greatest idea because you won’t be happy with the electric bill later on. Luckily, there are a huge variety of timers on the market that you can plug right into an outlet and turn the lights and other electronics on and off at certain times of day. Usually people use such timers only for lamps, but TVs or radios can be plugged into them too which is a great way to create an illusion that someone’s home. Make sure to set up timers for random intervals. The lights that turn on and off at the exactly same time will look suspicious for bad guys who might be watching your area. Plus, some models of the timers can be paired with your smartphone, so you can decide when it’s time to turn on some flickering lights at your home even if you’re far away. #7 Secure your sliding glass doors Sliding glass doors look wonderful and make your home more spacious by letting so much light in. But for burglars they might be just an invitation to your house. Most often such doors are at your backyard, out of common view, and they advertise what’s in your home. That’s why it’s better to secure these entry points before heading out of town. You can buy strong metal bars that fold into place and brace against the door to lock it into place. You can also cut a dowel or piece of wood to place in the door track when it’s closed. #6 Ask your neighbours to help create “lived-in” look If you’re on good terms with your neighbours (and trust me, it’s important to be on good terms with them for your home security) ask one of them to park their car in your driveaway while you’re away. Another tip for keeping up appearance is to ask your friend or a neighbour to move furniture on your porch once in a while to make it look like sometimes you drink your morning coffee there. And, hey, don’t forget to return the favor to a neighbor in need! #5 Lock your garage door and disconnect the automatic opener This is hands down the easiest tip! But surpisingly a lot of people forget about it. Garage doors seem like impenetrable forces so that’s why they tend to overlook additional steps in securing them. But if you’re going to be away for quite long and won’t need the automatic lift anyway, why not disconnect the garage door opener? An extra layer of security won’t hurt!

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