About guilt Essay

The definition of guilt is, “a feeling of worry or unhappiness that you have because you have done something wrong, such as causing harm to another person” (Cambridge Dictionaries Online). We all feel it, some more than others. Guilt is a force in all that has the ability to bring people to insanity. When guilt becomes great enough, the effects it has on people go much deeper than the surface. People's minds and bodies are overpowered by the guilt that consumes them every second they live with their burden. The devastating effects of guilt are portrayed vividly in Shakespeare’s play. In the story, the main characters Macbeth and his wife commit the murder of King Duncan. After that Macbeth commits and orders many murders and suffers from the guilt throughout. Eventually, their own guilt destroys them. Although they both deal with guilt in different ways, the audience gets to see how profoundly it affects them through not only words but actions. When reading the play, the audience is able to recognize Macbeth’s guilt early on, but it 's not until later that the effects of Lady Macbeth’s guilt become evident. When one suffers from a great deal of guilt, their physical health quickly deteriorates. Lady Macbeth's and Macbeth’s physical suffering begins shortly after the murder with delusions and nonsense ravings while constantly drifting in and out of reality. He often goes into a state of "not completely unconscious" but is in a while blaming it on sickness. Macbeth is being destroyed by his guilt. He is unable to physically live in society while he has such a burden constantly looming over him. His guilt has driven him to a serious state of sickness. He can no longer function normally or even keep consciousness when he is reminded of his crime. Lady Macbeth can no longer function normally because his guilt has destroyed is physical capabilities so drastically. Guilt is a terrible feeling. It feels like my insides are dropping and there's a pit in my stomach. I also feel nauseous and stressed. I wouldn’t wish this feeling on anyone. It makes you think about all the stuff you have said and done and it amplifies it. It makes you feel like a terrible person overall. How it affects others and your relationships in the future Conclusion-how does the definition tie into the essay and feelings

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