About global warming Essay

Self-satisfaction is fundamental in modern society. Consumerism is the mushrooming of goods and services. It brings a tremendous income to expanding enterprises and modernity in our tedious life through new technologies. Is our ever growing consumerism destroying the terrestrial sphere by bringing new changes? Let us have a closer overview of this intriguing question in the forthcoming paragraph.

Global warming is an alarming matter. Owing to snowballing in % of CO2, CH4, CFCs and other pollutants, Earth is experiencing drastic climatic changes such as more intense heatwaves, loss of sea ice, proliferation of wildfires as temperature intensifies. Industrialisation, burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and farming are major sources of the rise in temperature globally. The presence of Chlorine and Bromine in the stratosphere id dwindling the ozone layer which permits ultraviolet B rays to enter the globe and is responsible for the skin cancer, cataracts for humans and the hindrance of the reproductive cycle of phytoplankton leading to a shrinking population. Mass production of CFCs products and non-biodegradable plastic represents a threat to the Blue Planet.

Consumerism is an unquenchable want. The more we have, the more we want. In this quest to gratify this greed, our non-renewable sources are running out at a quick pace. From 2017-2018, the CO2 emission have climbed by 2.7%. Water, air, soil, noise, radioactive, heat and light pollution have an impact on environment degradation and human health. We are blindly obsessed with modernity that we do not acknowledge the repercussion it has on our surroundings. Youngsters are influenced by peer pressure. Teenagers feel the need to have the latest technologies to outdate their fellow friends.

Deforestation is requisite to execute consumerism. Yet, we are voluntarily scarifying our flora and fauna for the safe for evolution. Razing vegetation to favour architectural projects for future by imperilling our producers and first consumers is not a wise way to proceed. Trees are the lungs of the terrestrial sphere. By diminishing our vegetation, we are exposing the world to soil erosion, an upswing in the rate of CO2, floods, climate change and loss of habitats. Ocean acidification is a kindred issue. Both marine and terrestrial species are jeopardised due to gluttonous human desires. Japan, China, United States and so on are examples of countries responsible for over fishing tuna. Some endangered marine species are becoming extinct either through ocean acidification or overfishing band mortals are not even aware of.

To supply the rise in fast foods restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC and Subway ingredients are produced in galore to meet the demands. Hormones are injected to chicken for rapid growth for their delectable meat or they are starved to generate more eggs. On average, a single cow can produce 400L of CH4 and 29.5 Kg of dung. Manure are produced in conservable amounts are more them enough in organic farming therefore accumulating as wastes. Furthermore, to avert widespread of disease among farm animals, they are feed with drugs. Since land for agriculture purposes is reduced, farmers produce quality products instead of quantity by using fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Is satiating our greediness worth it or destroying our Blue Planet?

Acquisitiveness does have its boons. Job opportunities is one prominent outcome of materialism. Owing to the fact that the demand of product among the citizens have shot up, there has been a 3.5% increase I the rate of employment from 2011 up to date. Small and medium enterprises can be upgraded through entrepreneurial and can as such be a significant source of revenue for the cities. As this occurs, an enhancement in standard of living among the population can be observed. This can in turn trigger some specific incubations in term of infrastructure. In some European countries, despite the high rate of incoming tourists, the need for infrastructural improvement is a necessity.

Carbon tax limits consumerism. New rules are generated to9 promote renewable sources in every house and hopefully in industry soon. People have ceased doing manual work since the introduction of modern machines and robots. Less medical expenses to worry about! Poor people are given an opportunity even if it is a small job to accommodate their family. Through consumerism, some industries are offering free stationary materials to primary and secondary schools to advertise their products.the introduction of photo9voltaic cell",liquid metal batteries and pepsis new green pet bottle are revolutionising our lives.

Cultural heritage is becoming renowned. Traveling is a form of consumerism where peoplew3ant to explore more especially other religions e4xisting on the globe. Tropical beaches hotels natural parks are embellished to encourage this type of self-satisfaction. more environment projects are presented thereby reducing the types of pollution at least. Ecotourism is a way to preserve our w3ildlife by using tourists as an excuse to ameliorate our natural conservations. Both natives and foreigners are coaxed to purchase eco-friendly goods such as organic pillowcases, biodegradable waste bags, recycled paper and so on which is profitable to conserve our non-renewable resources.

Jewel Changi Airport will be a site to behold. Owing to consumerism, this project is configured to meet the requirements of today’s generation. Through scheme, innovation and creativeness are put forward to lure, natives and tourists yet in the process by creating a tropical rain forest known as the forest valley which is a five storey tall garden. Kinetic rain is another example which is already in practice at Singapore Jewel Changi Airport created though scientific calculations to impress people. The Rain Vortex will be the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, the presence of a canopy park which is divided into several sections including a botanical garden, a native walk with animal shape topiary and a pair of hedge mazes are all found inside one airport. Imagine how cool this is!

Consumerism definitely has virtues despite its drawbacks. Job creation for youngsters is a huge opportunity for them to settle down although the loss in our floras and fauna. Is worth to use gallons of water to produce 1 Kg of meat?

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