About film aesthetic Essay

So, first, let’s start with the light of this movie. Based on this movie, the palate, the styles scenes were shot, and the authenticity is what producer considered the most. For instance, there is a scene that gives a private moment between Jack and Ally, the main characters of this movie, the color, and modulation of the color represent Jack himself, his universe, his own world. His palate is specific to him because it represents in color red and cyan. Moreover, another scene from the movie, when Jack first meets Ally at the drag club. The light in the club is somehow one way that expresses the feeling of love. It makes people feel like it is a long night where two people are starting to get to know each other and of course, falling in love. The palate switches to the mix of those lights from Jack’s world combined to create the magenta of ally’s persona. And, the last, the idea of neutrality and white light in the final performances of Ally; I’ll never love again song, it represents the sorrowful feeling. Ally sings in her final performance as the way she mourns for her lost beloved one.

Second, the areas of this movie. Sizes in most of the scenes in this movie influences on how an audience feels. Some people once say that ‘large images speak louder than the small one’ so does this movie. For example, there is a scene in the stadium where Jack and Ally first sing together, Shallow song. An area in the stadium impacts the powerful feeling towards the audience. A large stadium which people have less control over it so, it impacts even more powerful feeling.

And last, is the sound of this movie. The surround sound system is one main factor of this movie which is a literal sound system. Because an audience sees on the scene where is the sound coming from and what is making the sound of. For instance, when Jack and Ally perform together in the stadium, in that particular scene, there is a band that is performing live. So, the audience actually knows where is the sound coming from and also, know all the components of the sound. Moreover, since this movie is musical, music is one of the most efficient aesthetic of the movie. According to the movie, the soundtrack is one major key that creates the specific moods and emotion towards the audience.

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