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Topics and purpose Dr.Kraves seem to focus on DNA and genetics for a lengthy portion of his speech. Our DNA is a readout of thousands of years of evolution. All of humans and creatures those humans evolved from an encoded in is what it takes to make us, who we are. Kraves overall purpose of this talk is to prove that technology has advanced so far that the level of access to a personal DNA monitoring system is within reach of almost anyone. He attempts to convince us that DNA testing is within reach of average individuals like us and the technology will continue to advance in the future until DNA analysis will be common as cell phones. Furthermore",he tries to explain our relationship with DNA, in this genome era, everyone can have access to DNA because DNA analysis is affordable, portable, and easy to do. We hope to do for DNA what the cell phone has done for communication—make it ubiquitous. Imagine a world where DNA testing machines are just as common as cell phones, wouldn’t that cool? Kraves during his ted talk on DNA(kraves",2015) Hypothesis Dr.Sebastian Kraves estimates that within 15 years DNA testing at home will Significant Finding Sebastian personally conducts biomedical research alongside two Nobel laureates and is an inventor of gene detection technologies. Also, he was the principal of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where he helped make biomedical technology accessible to low-resource settings for global health. One day he was sitting in his basement with his buddy Dr.Zeze and he wondered how the world would be if everyone had access to personal DNA testing just like how everyone has access to cell phones in modern day society today. He knew there were DNA testing technologies available in labs and doctors offices but he wanted to create something a little more advanced that one can keep in their drawers at their households. After travelling to many countries where he delivered many biomedical technologies he was really inspired to come up with a technology on his own that can help millions. Majority of Karvis’s work was based on personal assumptions which are backed up by research and experiments. Contributions to Society I believe Sebastian's’ work can really contribute to society in a positive manner. For example, pig farmers would greatly benefit if they had access to DNA testing. By being able to DNA test their pigs the farmers would be able to prevent the spread of diseases like swine flu that could potentially take the lives of the majority of their pigs. It is fast",safe, portable and affordable. There are many other uses of DNA testing, however, the main use is to help detect and prevent disease not only for animals but also for individuals like you and me. There was a blog I came across that mentioned how DNA testing helped truffles farmers around the globe. Farmers can actually tell the origin of the truffles by using a simple DNA machine instead of waiting 6 years for them to develop. I was honestly shocked when I read those words because it made me realize that DNA is not just for fingerprinting, police cases and paternal tests; it can help in multiple other cases as mentioned above and the possibilities are truly endless. Also, I believe personalized medicine using the results of these genetic tests would be most beneficial to a person's individual health requirements based on their own DNA.DNA testing can also be used to help create medicines and to modify foods to ensure they’re safe to eat. Truffle farmer who used DNA technology (kraves",2015) Bias present Doctor Sebastian Kraves is advocating for personal DNA testing to be accessible in every household because it's proven to be successful across the country to find mutations in genes, genotypes, and phenotypes in organisms; there is no bias present in his speech. It was one of the most entertaining and informative ted talks I’ve ever watched because the speaker sticks to conveying his main idea to his audience throughout the video. During the 13 minutes, Sebastian constantly sheds light on the success of his product. For example, he talks about the truffles farmers testing Geno and phenotypes of truffles, pig farmers testing for mutations in genes, doctors testing for Ebola outbreak and most shockingly astronauts using this product in space. This makes his speech more professional and organized compared to others due to no bias being present throughout the ted talk. He constantly reminds the audience how successful it's been so far and how its soon going to spread like a virus across the globe. Further Discussions Dr.Sebastian has many testimonies from users of his latest technology and all of them were positive results. However, one of the most burning questions I was dying to ask Sebastian is where does the DNA go after we use the technology?. This raises further questions like how would I know this is safe?. This can be a major topic up for discussion with Sebastian's Ted talk, even if personal DNA testing in one of the smartest inventions majority of individuals would stay away from this if it posses any privacy and safety threats. In the video, a comparison was made between a 1980’s cell phone and personalized DNA analysis. In the 1980’s we thought the first handheld phone was the greatest invention ever. Decades later our phones are far more advanced, so what would be the next advancement of this technology? Kraves with his DNA monitoring system(kraves",2015) Reactions and Opinions Where I find this idea incredibly amazing, I also find it to be quite dangerous and it raises many concerns. Allowing anyone to have access to be able to look at ones DNA could potentially cause many issues within Canada. The population is constantly finding ways to take things too far, and giving people the ability to work with DNA could be very risky which can lead to serious issues in the upcoming future. However, I truly believe that this discovery could help cure many different diseases, and, bring us closer to answers that we have been working on finding solutions to for decades and even centuries. It would be very helpful in preventing disease and keeping the globe healthier overall because the pros outweigh the cons. The possibilities are endless. Who knows, maybe DNA testing will help lead us to a cure to dangerous illnesses such as cancer and Alzheimer's one day.

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