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Self-management implies that a manager sets the general course of a venture or assignment, and workers actualise the subtleties with insignificant oversight. The manager's contact with reports, by and large, comprises of gatherings for task updates, issues, and asset demands. Then, representatives finish their errands, run their ventures, and attempt to take care of their problems.

In a self-managed working environment, you keep up an open entryway arrangement, and representatives keep you educated of issues they experience. Be that as it may, other than guaranteeing workers have what they have to finish an errand, for example, implements and training, you are allowed to concentrate on more high amount requirements, for example, developing the business and fund-raising.

To enhance self-management aptitudes, bosses frequently sort out exceptional self-appraisal preparing. Typically, such preparing led by the HR division (or outside coaches utilised). Importantly, to create self-management abilities of the workforce, your organisation can sort out self-advancement instructional courses.

Any business is keen on procuring a beneficial person who has very much created self-management aptitudes because such a representative can fit the organisation's necessities and show better profitability. For workers, it's very imperative to build self-management aptitudes and capacities because higher profitability makes ready for vocation advancement and expert progression. In any position, both the business and the worker will profit by creating capacities and abilities for self-management. It is essential for individuals to gain these skills to improve their capability in their professional and personal development continuously.

1. TASK 1

1.1. The Skills Set

Here is a rundown of the critical self-management abilities required for a representative to be increasingly beneficial. On the off chance that I have chosen to accomplish professional success, I have to consider these best management aptitudes rundown and work on the advancement of all the essential capacities for self-management. Below are the skills that I have developed and learned through my experience and knowledge.

1. Stress-Resistance

The above all else expertise of self-management alludes to an individual capacity to oppose any upsetting circumstances. When you build up this self-management expertise, you can maintain a strategic distance from numerous errors that individuals usually make while being worried.

Since a distressing circumstance more often than not obstructs our capacity to think and settle on balanced choices, we can't adapt even to the most straightforward errands at the work environment, so our profitability goes down, and we get baffled. That is the reason you have to build up this capacity to be a gainful representative ready to offer protection from a distressing circumstance.

2. Critical thinking

The second self-management expertise expects you to utilise your mind as an instrument for settling on right choices. Indeed, even the most difficult undertakings and difficulties can be adequately taken care of if the psychological procedure in your mind is dependably in advancement. Critical thinking expects you to work actualities and make right presumptions to investigate the circumstance, audit issues, and find viable arrangements. Keeping your mind calm enables you to take the right choices even in the hardest conditions.

3. Correspondence

How you can convey data to others will decide your prosperity. Correspondence is one of the critical self-management aptitudes required for both self-improvement and professional success.

Having the capacity to impart any data to other individuals effectively implies that you can confer data to the limited conceivable twisting and in the quickest conceivable way. Gainful representatives dependably can effectively speak with their associates and the board since they completely comprehend the estimation of plainly and auspicious conveyed data. So make sure you take a shot at building up this expertise for self-management.

4. Time Management

Delivering expected outcomes in a convenient way decides the accomplishment of our exertion. Time the board is a critical self-management ability that influences a representative to be progressively gainful. There are an extraordinary assortment of time the executive’s systems that demonstrate to your industry standards to build up this expertise for self-management. Simply utilise the web hunt to discover a lot of them.

5. Memory

A capacity to retain occasions, names, certainties, and so forth., enables a worker to recollect about all that he/she needs to carry out day by day assignments and responsibilities. Among other self-management aptitudes models, focusing on memory requires your exertion for building up your mental capacities. There's a lot of strategies for enhancing memory, so utilise the web inquiry to discover them.

6. Physical Activity

Keeping your body fit as a fiddle is a primary self-management ability precedent. When you feel solid and have a dynamic sensory system, you can accomplish more things and adapt to numerous difficulties. Physical action (like running, wellness, diverse sorts of games, and so forth.) enables you to reinforce your body, keep your muscles up, and be progressively beneficial.

1.2. Approaches to self-management learning

At the point when self-managed individual works in an organisation, he can apply his aptitudes and credits to gain organisational strategies and volumes and productivity for the organisation. Along these lines, he isn't just able to develop himself and increase aptitudes on the personal front and also these skills additionally help on the professional front and working for the organisation.

In a nutshell, one might say that self-managed learning is the most imperative instrument whereby the individual can upgrade his present skills and update his new skills for his improvement and development on personal and professional fronts. Self-Learning procedure ought to be reliable and empowered all through the whole life of an individual.

Seminars and conferences

Individuals could learn through Seminars, conferences what they have experienced over there and improve for the future. Seminars and conferences offer individuals to exhibit their knowledge about something to other individuals who end up adopting new things. Seminars, workshops and conferences help individuals having confidence about talking in public and creates presentation aptitudes which require in the organisation

Social networks

Social networks play a vital role in lifelong learning. There are various social networks such as Facebook, My yearbook, twitter, Viber etc. where people spend much of their time chatting with people and learning new things about people and other general information.


The Internet is the fastest and beneficial aid in self-management learning. As the internet offers us millions of information and helps us to encourage our learning process. Therefore different articles and different data are stored freely for users in the internet sources.

Working Environment

People learn many things from other individuals; this mainly happens inside the organisations and the social network we surrounded. Therefore in self-management learning, working environment plays an important role in improving individuals personal and professional development.

1.3. Skills need to be encouraged

Director of Prison at Maafushi Prison

Since September 2018, I have been appointed as director of Maafushi prison. Maafushi prison is the largest prison in the Maldives. Maafushi prison holds maximum, medium and minimum security rated prisoners with approximately 1000, currently confined. Responsibilities of director of the prison include operating day to day administrative tasks, taking care of security measurements in the prison, inmates welfare, maintaining a safe and secure environment within the prison.

Self-management learning has positive impacts on the individuals as well to the organisation where they work. Mostly, my self-management happened through the years I have worked in the organisation. Throughout my experience in the work environment, I have also got several opportunities to enhance my skills by participating in different seminars, conferences, workshops, physical training and through interacting with co-workers. With several years’ experience, I have gained positive impacts which aid in my professional and personal development.

1.4. Benefits that individual get from self-management learning

Self-management learning helps individuals to enjoy greater freedom of learning and experiencing their knowledge — individuals from a habit of learning at every step of their life. Thus learning is a lifelong process. People can learn anything anywhere with the aid of available resources which they require. As learning happens on daily activities, only start to face many obstacles and thus greater knowledge from experience.

Individuals learn working in teams, critical thinking, time management, improving memory, and correspondence through self-management learning; this enhances their ability to develop good relations in the organisation as well as in their personal life. Most of my self-management learning occurred through my work responsibilities, seminars, knowledge and social networks that I have developed in my personal and professional life.

1.5. Benefits to the organisation from self-management learning

For those keen on the field, it very well may be useful to take note of the significance of some cognitive abilities to help enhance work execution. While the accompanying rundown isn't comprehensive, here are five aptitudes that shape a secure centre for director of the prison in the daily tasks. Most of my entire career in the work environment, I have been applying decision-making skills to complete my daily tasks. And specifically, with the significant responsibilities I am handled to achieve decision making is the most profound skill I have to adapt in my daily routine. Therefore I have developed decision-making skills to a great extent. Being a prison officer, we are required to build and adjust many of the self-management skills to deal with prisoners and colleagues. Moreover, This encourages us to develop a safe, secure and friendly environment in the organisation. The organisation is benefited through my decision making skill, collaborative, managing time, helping staffs, critical thinking, and my ability to build a good relationship between lower level staffs.


While being composed is a critical quality of numerous kinds of supervisors, the responsibility of the director of the prison is to operate and manage the daily routines of the prison. Therefore strong organisational skills are required to each case with arranging and effectiveness. Being the Director of the prison, the primary obligations are to lead and authorise daily works which include, taking care of procuring, Human resource, transport, educational development, prison administration and many other routines of an organisation.


In addition to other things, solid composed and oral relational abilities are vital parts of any individual who is leading a considerable portion of an organisation. Regardless of whether it's sending messages to imminent representatives, setting up a discourse on worker wellbeing, driving a post-employment survey or running an instructional course for another group, director of the prison should be happy with talking obviously, viable and unquestionably with staffs as well as do not hesitate to respond to prisoners.


The prisons are responsible for reporting to Maldives Correctional Service, however specific responsibilities of MCS are taken care of by the Director of prison due to the semi-decentralised system the organisation practice. As mentioned above director of the prison is responsible for being directing and leading the prison, he/she is in charge of the individual data of each representative that is utilised, or has been used, at an association. A portion of this data can be especially delicate, and it is essential for the director of the prison to keep data private and secured by anybody without the best possible qualifications. Director of prison has to lead the team who are taking care of these responsibilities.


Director of the prison is a field with shifted obligations, and by and large, duties can change every day. At the point when at the same time overseeing work ads, pay, meetings, complaints and preparing programs, the capacity to manage time carefully and perform various tasks are frequently vital to execution. Experts ought to most likely resist the urge to panic under strain, regardless of whether the weight originates from a gathering of representatives with worry or from a supervisor who has an issue with enrollment advance.

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