About death Essay

Nadia is 17 and ready, she knows this is another test as she stands in the empty room where the only sound she can hear is of her own breath. Suddenly the door opened and he appeared before her, the wolf, he walked inside the room quiet as a shadow. Five years have gone by since she last time she saw him when her chubby cheeks and small hands where pressed on the glass door. He didn’t look single day older. The feeling of her pounding heart is back but her posture and face remain emotionless not giving her away. Black strapped vest and trousers, two knifes, four guns. He circles her like a predator assessing her, looking for her weaknesses. In a swift movement he attacks, strong fingers around her neck as he lifts her up to his eye level. His hand is strong and warm and alive with blood pumping through its veins. His hold was not cold like what death is supposed to feel like. Nadia reached for the knife hidden on his side as she slashed the flesh from the arm that had a hold on her fast like a fox. His fingers finally let go of their tight grip on her neck and slowly two fingers lift her chin up till her hazel eyes meet his. Nadia’s world is a deep crimson but his eyes are an ocean blue and warm like his hand. She looked at death straight in the eye and fight it or embrace it, she chose the latter.

As his eyes bores through hers he knows she’s not afraid. “He is the wolf that brings death” they said and she is certain without a doubt that they are mistaken. That’s when he lets go of her, Nadia gives back his blade by the hilt and he takes the blade and some of his blood smears her palm, “What’s your name?” he asks as he slips it back where it belongs. “Nadia” she responds as she examines his every move. “What’s yours”

His eyes suddenly looked surprised and confused at the same time, it was like none had ever asked him that question before. Nadia is thrilled by him. They call him the wolf, death, but he is a man. He is a beautiful weapon made of flesh and bones just like her with life in his eyes and blood in his hands. Nadia has never dared to want anything, not in this life she lived on, but she wanted to know him. She wanted to be let in into his thoughts and gain his trust.

“They call me the wolf they call me-” Nadia already knows this and this is not what she wants. “I know. I know what they call you” she cuts him off as she takes a step closer to him to not let room to the thought of fear as she takes his wounded arm in her hands. “They call you the wolf, death but you. You are not death. What is your name?”

He studies her with his eyes trying to find any sing of a lie and she lets him study her never looking away. He breaks the silence as his lip subtly quirks up into a grin. Beautiful and deadly. “You Red are not like the rest” he says, she raises her eyebrow as to challenge him and he breaks into a small laughter and it’s a melody she wants to hear over and over again. Then without a warning he leans in and kisses the top of her head, then he bends further down to her ear and he whispers his name.

A recognition, a ratification an oath, James.

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