About connected by oceans; can we work together to protect the environment? Essay

The Earth doesn’t belong to us; we belong to the Earth” said by Marlee Matlin, an American actress, author and an activist who fought for environment. We all know that the Earth is a miracle. The climate, plants, animals and even humans are god’s gift to mankind. To ill treat Earth’s resources would be blasphemous crime. Therefore, the question stands, divided by oceans, can we unite or connect to protect our environment? Can we address issues such as pollution, global warming, deforestation, marine pollution, oil leakages, burning of fossil fuels amongst other dilemmas that threaten the environment? It is not possible to solve these major problems alone.

The first issue addressed today is Global warming. We all know that the average temperature increases almost every day. Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and greenhouse gases threaten the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and solar radiation that bounce off the surface. Normally, this radiation would escape into space but these pollutants, which can last for years to centuries in the atmosphere, trap the heat and cause the planet to get warmer. This results in the melting of the Antarctic. The burning of fossil fuels is also one of the major sub-problems under global warming. It is main way that carbon dioxide is produced. How do humans contribute towards this problem? Firstly, humans cut down trees and produce CO2 into the air. This is the main cause of these problems.

The second issues addressed today is Pollution. Air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution and radioactive pollution. Air pollution has been a main problem in the pollution sector. By air pollution, the average temperature increases and global warming. By air pollution acid rain is also created which harms the humans, animals and plants. Smoke is produced into the air making it toxic. It also gives a depletion to the ozone layer. Its mainly due to the release of smoke from factories, chimneys, burning of wood and vehicle fumes. Its also leads towards the death of humans as they can get asthma, bronchitis and many more diseases.

Water pollution is also another major issues under the problem of “pollution”. Industries usually dump all the waste chemicals into the rivers and lakes, by this many fish die and they also get affected as these waste chemicals are harmful. Oil spills also cause water pollution as it damages the beaches and marshes, by this the land animals like turtles have no way to get into the water as it is toxic and the beach is filled with oil, also by this turtle eggs will get damaged as these creatures lay eggs on the land. Secondly, the aquatic animals die as they can’t breathe when oil is spilt into sea water. Most of the water in seas and oceans have some chemical effects. Chemicals in the ester, encourage the growth of algae. The algae form a layer on top of the lake and by this the bacteria feeds on the algae and decreases the amount of oxygen in the water. The fish will have a hard time to breathe as there is less amount of oxygen in the water.

Soil pollution is another global issue. It is due to the involvement of the factories dumping chemical waste. The soil gets polluted and plants also don’t grow as toxic chemicals destroy them. Since the plants can’t grow properly, they will not be able to grow soil and by this it leads towards soil erosion. The use of insecticides and pesticides absorb the nitrogen compounds from the soil and by this it makes the plant feel unfit to derive nutrition. Soil pollution also brings up a big disadvantage to the food chains as the producers die and the herbivores won’t have food to eat, this results the death of animals.

Noise pollution is also one of the main crimes made by the humans. It’s also considered as one the most dangerous pollution because it causes permanent effects. By noise pollution psychological problems like stress and hypertension. It also led to permeant hearing impairment and by this we could lose our hearing aid. Many animals move from one place to another using sound. When unwanted loud sound is being interrupted the animal will fall into trouble as it can’t find it’s place properly.

Radioactive pollution is also one of the major issues addressed today. As we all know that the world today has many industries and factories which use chemical materials, the factories randomly dump the chemical waste into the society and by the land gets damaged badly. When a human or animal step on this they will get infected and surely has the chance of dying. It causes skin cancer, infertility due to exposure and many more. Plants also can’t grow as the chemical will affect the soil and by this the plants will not grow, and the primary consumers will internally have no food.

Deforestation is also one the major problems related to pollution. We need trees for many reasons, not least of which is that they absorb not only the carbon dioxide that we exhale, but also heat-trapping greenhouse gases that he human activities emit. As those gases enter the atmosphere around us, global warming rapidly increases. By deforestation, many animals’ houses have been destroyed. Birds don’t have a way of producing or laying eggs as trees have been destroyed. Many insects also don’t have food and by this the food chains of animals re being destroyed as the main producer is missing.

We all must work together to find solutions and solve these problems. If we work as one world to solve the sub-problems the main problem is easily tackled. Burning of fossil fuel has many solutions already given, but many of the people don’t take care of it. Firstly, REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE. The three R’s have been introduced long time ago, but any countries don’t take it as an effective solution. Now its been told again and many countries do follow it. This has reduced have of the problem.

Air pollution could be reduced by using eco-friendly vehicles. By using these types of vehicles, we can stop smoke going into the air as they don’t give out smoke. We also should stop using fossil fuels as its also emitting a lot of smoke to the air which increases global warming. Marine pollution could be stopped by not plastic bottles and start using reusable bottles. We must clean the beaches as we are the people who polluted them. Cleaning the beach everyday will reduce the pollution spreading. Framers should stop using fertilizers as it affects the water, and by the water getting affected the fish die by losing breathe and choking. By using fertilizers, the soil also gets affected. This causes soil pollution. Fertilizers should be banned as it destroys many living-things and plants. All plastic products should ban, as a result there will be no animals dying by choking plastic. Noise pollution could be reduced by adding insulation in each house. By this it reduces the amount of noise reaching inside. Start wearing earplugs while walking on a noisy road. In your homes try to reduce the amount of noise so that it won’t disturb or affect anyone else. While staying in beaches or places where animals stay, try to reduce using sound. Animals usual get distracted by loud noise, and by this they have a chance of going deaf by the noise we make. Its better if we try to reduce in the public areas mainly where there are animals.

Radioactive pollution has caused many affections towards the land, animals and humans as well. In each country they must create a better way of disposing this waste. This could be possible by using high built strong containers to store the waste and then later disposed into a safe land where there is no human, animals or plants interaction. Nuclear test also should be banned in all countries. By nuclear test there has been a lot of destruction towards the land. All countries should take a step forward to stop unwanted nuclear tests.

Deforestation is also reducing the number of valuable trees. Firstly, everyone should plant trees in their house gardens. By this we could increase the number of trees. Also, by collaborating with the people in our community or society we could stop the number of trees being cut per day. We also should start recycling the products made by trees. This will reduce deforestation.

In conclusion these solutions are the way of reducing Global warming. The main way of solving the problem is by working and collaborating as one world. Many old age people tell that “Team work makes dream work”, that is the special power of humans. We work as a team and safeguard it. We split and fight, we die with it. “Keep it, guard it, care for it, for it keeps men, guards’ men, cares men. Destroy it and man is destroyed”, a quote from a famous literature passage.

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