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Is Bank Overcharging In Ireland Accidental or Intentional? “I suffered a stroke, and my wife suffered a nervous breakdown for paying hundreds of euros extra a month, at the height of Ireland’s financial crisis.”—Borrower This above statement was the response of a bank client to an Ireland lawmaker. And it points to the insincerity or ignorance some Ireland banks exhibit. Besides, it depicts how misinformed some banks are, regarding the consequences their overcharging has on customer lives. Irish financial institutions risk being fined by the government—if they don’t speed redress for the rising number of borrowers who ought to have paid less on the mortgages. Dec 20, 2017 (Central Bank) - Ireland’s leading banks agreed to compensate 23",600 mortgage customers. This massive compensation brought the number of affected borrowers to 33",700. And this concerns customers who should have been provided cheaper “tracker" mortgages that comply with the low European Central Bank rate years ago. Is Tracker Overcharging Accidental Or Deliberate? Despite AIB bank maintaining that the industry-wide €1bn tracker mortgage scandal was accidental, a lot of evidence prove otherwise. RTE’s ‘Primetime found what it contends as a deliberate elevation of interest rates by AIB and Bank of Ireland. The target customers were either judged unlikely to complain or do not check statements. Back in 2008, banks across Ireland were urging customers to disassociate themselves from lower mortgage rates. To mean, customers were encouraged to join an expensive scheme and overcharged intentionally. Permanent TSB and Springboard were brought to court for similar practices—tracker mortgage redress. How to know you’ve Been Overcharged Recently, countrywide reviews found more than 15 lenders had overcharged customers on their tracker mortgages Supposing you were on a tracker rate and then shifted to a different rate, you will likely be affected. Also, you will be more susceptible to an overcharging scandal if you were on a tracker rate before your rate increased. Nevertheless, some customers who are not contracted to tracker mortgages have also discovered that they were overcharged. Prevention and What to Do If You Discover an Issue • Prevention People need to be more aware of loans, especially mortgages. As an Irish homeowner or business person, always check your mortgages and secure rebates from your lender. To avoid discrepancies and overpayments, seek free professional consultation on debt restructuring from Loan Analysis Solutions; be advised on how best you can pay your loan quicker. • What to Do If Overcharged If you are concerned that your bank might have you overcharged, you can hire an accountant to perform forensic checks on your accounts. To avoid wondering if errors are being made on your account, seek the services of a reputable financial and accounting firm. Once the consulting firms discovers an issue, they will pass the information to you—and even negotiate a refund on your behalf; if you wish. Our Take on This No matter your bank, provided that you were persuaded onto a mortgage plan when there was an immediate, affordable option in your contract, you may have been defrauded and are entitled to compensation. Such a mortgage is probably the highest debt you are ever going to service. Consequently, it justifies a review.

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