About art history Essay

Throughout the history of art, there have been many historical figures and movements that has led to what it has become today. From the Renaissance to impressionism to realism to even modern art today, each of these movements has had a profound impact on what art is today and how the world perceives and views it. Some of these movements have included some of the most famous artists to ever live, from Da Vinci and Michelangelo to Picasso and Van Gogh, these eras within art have also had artists that seemed to transcend art itself. Very few people know what it is like to be so good at something that they are seen as big as whatever it is that they do. However, these artists were so big that even hundreds of years after they painted their last artwork, or make their last sculpture, they are still revered and receive immense able to ship their works to different places all around the world. In addition to this, the shipping costs were considerably low considering the amount of money they made off of their works, allowing this method to deem very beneficial to artists that were trying to grow their personal brand even further. Furthermore, the costs of artworks varied dramatically during the Renaissance period compared to other time periods in human history. During the Renaissance period, the costs of artworks in more affluent places such as Venice and Florence were paying far more than the more normalized places that weren’t as economically well off. Although one could make the argument that this could just come down to taste, as the more affluent places paid more because they had the money to do so. In reality, however, these people just wanted the best artworks that they could get their hands on, even if it meant that they had to be willing to pay a premium for it.

When it comes to remembering the great artists who transcended some of these movements that revolutionized art, we have to look at the writers who make important biographies about these famous artists. Someone who covered the most famous artists of the Renaissance for example, was Giorgio Vasari and Cennino Cennini. These two writers were also famous painters themselves who often descended from a very famous tree of amazing painters who passed their knowledge to their pupils. This is especially true in Vasari and Cennini’s case as their teachers Michelangelo and Agnolo Gaddi, are two of the most renowned artists in all of human history. In both cases, these artists wanted to document the best artists not only during their time, but in all of history. However, both of these people created books that were essential to allowing future generations to truly understand what artists and painters were doing during these time periods. Had these books never been created, we would most likely know way less about art’s true history and how it was able to become what it is today.

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