A SWOT Analysis Essay

Question :

Performe a SWOT analysis of your current place of employment (or a place of employment with which you are very familiar). In a well-written paper, describe the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the organization. Identify three to four goals that can be used for strategic planning and organizational development. Draw on content from this module’s lecture and readings. Use the findings to define your organization’s competencies and competitive advantages.

Your paper should:

    • Be well written
    • Be approximately 4 pages in length
    • Follow CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements
    • Include a minimum of three outside references



The SWOT Analysis can be considered as a planning tool that recognizes the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in a project or business or workplace (Fine, 2009). It specifically states the objectives of the business, identifies the different factors that encourage or discourage the achievement of the objective (Fine, 2009). In this study a SWOT Analysis of my current workplace has been done.


One of the greatest strength of my place of employment is the flexibility available to change between tasks and learning. The capability to learn new skills should be present in employees and that is dependent on the different challenging projects that come up in the companies that give them the chance to be flexible.

Another important characteristic present in the organization is the will for teamwork among the employees. With team players there lies the chance to relate to co-workers, motivate the members of the team. A team helps to promote success of the organization and generally works for the interest of the organization ('Composites industry gets SWOT analysis', 2001).

Most employees have good communication skills and this assists in relating to the other co-workers which makes the environment light and friendly. People in the management and supervisory positions have these skills and make the workplace environment a better place.

Most of the employees in the organization are dependable and reliable. Additionally, they also take up new projects any time and the organization being dependant on them complete most projects on time.

The people in the managerial positions have great leadership skills who can motivate other workers and help them to achieve their goals. They also coach and mentor the co-workers so that they recognize their strengths and weaknesses and can work more efficiently.

The organization has such retention and recruitment policies that do not indulge in any discrimination among the workers. The organization has a wonderful policy relating to holidays. Instead of vacation days the company gives the employees paid time off according to their convenience. This helps the people from different religions to celebrate their holidays. This policy acts as a great strength for the organization.


Limited human resource is one weakness of the workplace. Due to small staff, it becomes difficult to deal with all the things in the company’s list. Hence it is extremely essential for the company to hire efficient workers who would turn to be assets for the organization.

In the contemporary world everything depends on technology ranging from management to communications. The organization’s outdated technology has the ability to hamper the productivity and result in the loss of money of the organization.

Another weakness of the organization is the marketing for the promotion of products and services to the customers. When an organization does not have the budget for marketing it results in a major weakness that affects the market share of the business.


There are a number of opportunities in my current workplace. Firstly it allows for financial growth. The organization rewards the employees according to their performance through proper incentives. These are extremely preferred by the employees as they render wonderful growth opportunities and also motivate the employees to perform better in their work.

It is extremely essential for any organization to appreciate talent. Most talented people in any organization want to advance further in the organization. This organization gives such opportunities through superior titles, more responsibilities and better offices. Hence it gives ample opportunities for career growth.

The organization also allows for a lot of professional growth. The skilled employees generally want to improve their skills and knowledge. Recording to small workplace victories and acquiring of new skills tend to motivate the employees allow for extensive professional growth for the employees. Therefore, it can be construed that this organization through its motivation factors tends to initiate progress for the employees.


Lack of motivation as a result of extreme work pressure is one threat in the organization. One reason for this work pressure is the long working hours in the organization. Stress may lead to the increase of health problems of the employees as a result of which the intensity of work in the organization falls in the workplace.

One of the greatest threats for the employees in the organization is relating to the clients. Some of the clients become violent during the course of business. Sometimes the risk can be verbal abuse or it also leads to assault and battery. Hence this is one big threat in the organization.


From the above SWOT Analysis of my current place of work the strengths weaknesses of the organization can be recognized. Depending on this analysis there are four goals that can be identified which would assist in the strategic planning and further development of the organization.

Relying on the weaknesses and threats some of the strategies and plans to develop the organization would include firstly the recruitment of better people who are best fitted for the company. Secondly, retain the talented people by giving them an employee friendly working environment (Pickton & Wright, 1998). Thirdly, try and eliminate all types of discrimination and harassment in the organization. Fourthly, the organization should develop performance management systems. Fifthly, attempts need to be made to foster a team environment and finally the organization should also increase the motivation and dedication of the employees by decreasing the working hours and lessening the work pressure.

All these developmental practices would assist in making the present organization an even better place for working.


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