A study on job performance leads to job satisfaction Essay

The world has open spun into the new millennium and along with, it has ushered a new era of intense competition and ever changing value equations. The fact that organisation has been transformed from a structured assembly line production orientation to a focus a knowledge creation by each and every personnel of the organisation. In a competitive global business scenario, no organisation will survive unless it is able to match the duality and the cost of its competitors. Realities are focusing us to concentrate more upon changing the attitude of employees, enabling them to take up independent responsibilities and empowering to execute them by using their knowledge and skills in latest technologies and thus motivating them to use their capabilities in their respective areas of excellence. Emerging business environment is forcing business houses to find new ways to remain competitive. Organisations face an environment characterised by a number of challenges and key issues that have increased the importance of Human Resource Management considerations in business decision-making. These include increased level of competition, human resources diversity, changing value systems and above all the rapid technological advances. In the globally competitive and challenging business scenario, our success will be, to a great extent, influenced by how we manage our human resources – the people who make things happen. The traditional role of man managers has undergone drastic changes to meet the challenges of the next millennium and achieve excellence, responsible trade unionism, productivity – oriented work practices and aggressive professional management would be essential. Foreign investment and technologies have started flowing into India. The new scenario has thrown new challenges in the area of human resource management as well. Human beings are the most precious part of an organisation. The success or failure of an enterprise largely depends on the people who man the organisation. In the words of Alfred Marshall “ the most valuable of all capital is that invested in human beings ”. From social point of view, an enterprise combines two sorts of resources: a group of human beings and a group of physical assets. The latter in isolation of the former is useless. Job satisfaction is one of the important factors which have drawn attention of managers in the organisation as well as academicians. Various studies have been conducted to

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