A Study Abroad Essay ~ Florence, Italy

Why do you want to study abroad?

In a global that's frequently concerned with what strange and wondering extraterrestrial life lies above our heads and below our oceans, you can easily disregard the proven fact that you will find large number of different countries on this earth – all with a different sort of tradition and life style from what we are acclimatized to – just waiting to be explored. Growing up in a bilingual household, I have traveled on picturesque country of Greece many times in my life. I am aware the art, music, and literary works. I have been exposed to several individuals with a completely various philosophy than my personal.

It really is my educational goal to expand my knowledge of other cultures because of this. I want to achieve the knowledge that can not be obtained through textbooks and lecture halls. I want to exceed taking a foreign language program and as an alternative find myself in that foreign nation, learning more about the statue of David by looking him down and up personally as opposed to on some type of computer display. To begin to see the words in my own history book come to life regarding grounds into the society that published them. There clearly was a lot more knowledge to be acquired when you are standing in the exact middle of it, versus through the searching glass.

It really is my own goal to submerge myself in a nation that seems otherworldly. I would like to search for personal enlightenment by living like i might have if I were created at another latitudinal point regarding globe. Just how do individuals in other nations spend similar 24-hour time as I do? Exactly what meals have actually I never ever attempted and exactly what music has slipped my ears? I wish to know the world outside my safe place. There are friends I have perhaps not met, tales I have yet to share with you, countless adventures to be taken, none which i'm prepared to overlook.

It's my professional objective to gain the relevant skills which will not be open to me if I never ever leave the country with raised me. I will be bicultural and therefore have actually the main advantage of being nurtured in more than a proven way of life, but that doesn't signify i've had all the cultural experience essential to be successful expertly. As a teacher i am going to have small kids in my own class; young minds from different backgrounds. Its my task to relate solely to them and have the ability to help them learn beyond what they already know. I do want to culture them plus myself.

A semester abroad in Florence, Italy is exactly the kind of experience that i'm looking to experience the goals i've put down for myself. I will be in the middle of a culture that emphasizes family values and a love of meals built by an old civilization showcasing artwork. There is a fresh globe to be found, one which it is just a continent away.


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