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In the month of September, a field project will be conducted in the city of Greater Geelong by the unit. For this reason, a prior study of the region is necessary. The main aim of this study is thus to analyze the socio-spatial pattern in Geelong, Victoria.

Description and Analysis

To study and analyze the socio-spatial patterns in Geelong, data set is necessary. Here, the data is collected from the 2016 Census data of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (Abs.gov.au, 2017). The 2016 census data for the Local Government Area (LGA) of the Greater Geelong Area has been collected. The main unit of research here is the religious diversity in the city of Greater Geelong. From the whole census data, the data on religion has been extracted. The main aim here is to check the religious diversity of the people in Greater Geelong. The graph below (figure 1) shows the distribution of religion in the city of Greater Geelong.

Figure 1: Regional Diversity in Greater Geelong

It can be seen from the Census data, that most of the people in the region of Greater Geelong do not belong to any particular religion as described by the people. The highest bar in the graph (figure 1) shows that it is almost 33.6 percent of the population of Greater Geelong who do not belong to any religion. Moreover, the next highest bar shows that 25.4 percent of the population is catholic. Nearly 10.8 percent of the population is Anglican (Church of England) and only 5.2 percent of the population belong to the uniting church. It can be seen that quite a large proportion of the residents are not comfortable in disclosing their religion. This includes almost 9.4 percent of the population. It can also be seen from this distribution that 41 percent of the population of Greater Geelong are Christians. There are no other religions such as Presbyterian, Buddhists, Islam, Greek Orthodox, Baptist or Hindus. Thus, from here, it can be said that the city is not much diverse in religions.

It has been known that Australia is a country with huge religious diversity. This is mainly because of the extensive area of the country and the vast geological differences (Griffiths 2015). People from various parts of the world come to Australia and settle there for various reasons. But most of them settle in the mail cities so that the residence is close to their work place (McKim 2015). This leaves the suburbs to mostly the main citizens of the country. Moreover, it can be seen that the suburbs are quite scarcely populated. Thus, this may be the reason for the city of Geelong nit be diverse in religion.


From the analysis described above, it can be said that the city of Geelong has not been found to be diverse in religion. This is mainly because the people of other religion who come from other countries mostly prefer to settle in the cities so that it is close enough to their workplace. The country is planning to increase its immigrants in the upcoming years (Dow, Cuypers and Ertug 2016). Thus, it will not be much long before the whole country becomes a religious and culturally diversified country.


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