A mini guide for finding the best temporary hair dye in 2019 Essay

Temporary hair dye is an easy way of changing your hair colour with less time. Mostly for Halloween or special occasions, you need to get an easy way and best look. It comes as temporary hair dye spray, Hair Chalk, Hair Mascara or Semi-Permanent Hair Dye spray as well. It doesn't kill your roots and change the colour, just being a cover around your hair until you wash it away. Typically these type of hair dye can stay in your hair for a maximum of 3 days without washing. Then you can wash it away to get your real hair, nothing to be afraid about using this temporary hair dye. Since there are hundreds of products, here is a mini guide for you to find what is best in the market and why you should go for a temporary hair dye. What do you have to know before using temporary hair dye? Not every hair colour looks good for your hair. If you have darker hair, it is not easy to give it a lighter colour unless it was pre-lightened. So when choosing the colour for your darker hair always go for bold and jewel tones. Once you start washing the colour, it gives you nice highlights on your darker hair. If you own a lighter or blonde hair, go for darker colours to keep it longer. Neons and pastels are also good in pre-lightened or blonde hair. But since those can be fade faster, reds and purples are more popular in the market for lighter hair. It is very important to perform a strand test and a patch test before applying any temporary hair dye for the first time. Can I find temporary hair dye for dark hair without bleaching? Yes, Most of the temporary hair dye in the market is chemical free. Imagine it is just a paint sprayed around hair, with no effects to the roots. Since it doesn't kill your real hair, bleaching is not necessary for applying colour over the hair. the Best temporary blonde hair dye: Good Dye Young Poser Paste Blonde hair is easy to colour, but also hard be washed out. So if you are having a blonde or pre-lightened hair, it is important to buy a hair dye that won't stain your hair. Good Dye Young Poser Pasteis an ideal option for you when considering the fact "won't stain your hair". They are made for all hair types with very vivid colours which can be highlighted in dark hair as well. Also, it has a sweet orange fragrance Essential oils of bergamot. It dries fast and has the conditioning effect of sunflower oil as well. Like most of the hair dyes in the market, it has no chemicals. You can easily wash it out by your favourite shampoo. the Best Temporary Blue hair dye: Splat Temporary Hair Dye It is hard to dye your dark hair with blue colour without bleaching. But Splat Temporary Hair Dye is one of a kind, can be used for dark or light hair and get a vivid look. It is very easy to use, you get a small comb to brush after applying the colour on hair. So it is easy to apply on the selected sections and keep the rest if you are ony trying to get some highlights done. It is not necessary to use shampoo or conditioner when removing the colour, just lukewarm water is enough.

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