A love letter to julienna visser. Essay

When I picture your home town I see the endless fields of red tulips, and you, contrasting the scenery with your white beauty. In a city full of snow and skyscrapers, you, my love, are the sun. Julienna you exude purity and light. You are the human embodiment of joy. You are my ecstasy. My dear, from the moment I saw you in that flower shop, I knew our fates had aligned like the constellations in the sky. I knew I had to make you mine - and I wasn’t going to stop trying until the sun rose from the west and set in the east.

Painted across the sky was a frosty periwinkle colour, drizzled with light segments of cotton. Fragile flakes trickled onto the cement surface. I watched you argue with your four roommates over who was to wear what - it was useless - you would always be the most beautiful. You moved out of sight from the window and my heart stopped. It burned. I was addicted to you like a smoker to his pack. Endless seconds dragged along waiting for you. When was I going to see you again? My eyes fixed onto the door, impatiently waiting for you to exit, waiting to see your face. The streets of Brooklyn sang a familiar tune of angry pedestrians and honking card. Waiting for you felt like forever, julienna.

Dainty pale hands kissed the condensation covered glass and out you came. Somehow, you never cease to amaze me. I was so proud to say that the most astonishing, marvelous and classy woman was the love of my life. Bliss ignited the atmosphere when you graciously stepped out. Your face blossomed at the cold. It dyed your cheeks a rosy crimson. I had noticed that your hair was tied up since I saw you upstairs. It was beautiful. It was up in interlocking spurs of blonde river. Julienna, you are so beautiful.

It excited me to see where you were going next. I felt like I was getting to know you better with every spin and turn. You walked in large alleyways to keep yourself safe. It was ridiculous- didn’t you know I was always there to protect you? Julienna, I want you to know that there is nothing to fear when I’m around; I’d sacrifice myself for you.

We stopped at a large warehouse in central Manhattan. What were we doing here? Did you have someone to meet? Why didn’t you tell me? Are you cheating on me? Darling, you know nothing would break my heart more than that. You are the pump in my heart that keeps me going- there is no will for me to live if not for you.

A rush of relief ran through my veins. Sanity immersed back into my mind. You weren’t keeping any secrets from me - you were just going to your job! I felt so utterly silly. I’m so sorry I doubted you. My love for you drives me crazy.

Beams of light leaked from large windows onto paintings that I assumed were yours. You are so incredibly talented julienna. Your paintings are a vision of joy that must be shown to all. I recognized the town in your paintings, your home town Soest. They look just like the pictures i found n the inetrnet. The mountains rippled through the horizon- drizzled with crimson tulips all across. A blanket of snow scattered across the flowers. There you were painted- as if the central white tulip in the midst of the regular red. You are even beautiful in your paintings.

You pulled your phone out onto the table and arranged your brushes. Why were you walking away? Where were you going? I waited for you to leave and checked your phone for you - i wanted to ease you of the hassle. I was sure an artist like you would recieve a myriad of emails and commission requests. Oh how exciting! A text from Carla Visser - your mother. I was so contented you were proud enough of me to introduce me to your mother. I was sure your father was for another time- maybe that was a touchy subject for you. I utterly and fully respected your decision- but you can always trust me with anything. Oh! Another text! You were so loved by the public. It was from Alina Paisley, whos picture i recognized. She was that ridiculous roomate of yours that wouldnt sacrifice herself for you. She was asking for her white blouse back by 6. How selfish. Julienna, my dear, don’t surround yourself with those who may hurt you.

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